SUPPORT.TXT Driver File Contents (S320102B.EXE)

Driver Package File Name: S320102B.EXE
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This software is a "SUPPORT RELEASE" from NEC Technologies. It is provided AS 
IS, WITH NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER. It is being made available as a courtesy to 
our customers who choose to use it. It has been alpha-tested at NEC, but it has
not been through the extensive testing in numerous customer environments and 
different configurations, that NEC does on software which we release through 
our manufacturing process. This software is NOT released for distribution 
through the NEC Technologies' manufacturing process.

Although this support release has not been through the extensive testing NEC 
Technologies does for releases to manufacturing, we have every confidence that 
this software will not adversely affect your system, unless otherwise noted 

If you have problems while using this software, you may either re-install your 
original software or report the problems to NEC Technologies Customer Service 
and Support group at 1-800-388-8888. NEC Technologies will provide support for 
this software.

Known Limitations:  To be documented for each release

server: web2, load: 1.62