RELNOTES.TXT Driver File Contents (a350b210.exe)

	        Digital Equipment Corporation 
	ATMworks 350 NetWare 3.12/4.x ODI Server Driver 
	              Release Notes


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and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

Novell and NetWare are registered trademarks, and NetWare Loadable 
Module and NLM are trademarks of Novell, Incorporated.

ATMworks 350 NetWare 3.12/4.X ODI Server Driver (v1.12) 

1. The ATMworks 350 NetWare 3.12/4.X ODI Server Driver has not been 
NetWare certified.

2. This driver conforms to v3.2 of the Novell DOS Open Data-Link 
Interface (ODI) specification (August 3, 1994).

3. This driver has been tested with NetWare 3.12, 4.02 and 4.1.

4. v2.32 or current release of EtherTSM and MSM is required.

5. All of the current patches for NetWare 4.1 and 4.02 must be 
installed.  A known problem exists when trying to map two memory 
regions or a memory region above 0xC8000000.  The following text 
is from the loader.exe patch description in the issue.txt file in 
the Novell patch file labeled 410pt3.exe.  This patch is available 
for NetWare 4.1 only.

   10)  FIXED problems with GetSharedMemoryLinearAddress where it 
        was having problems dealing with shared memory addresses 
        above 0xC8000000 - note that this is used by 
        RegisterHardwareOptions which many LAN drivers call.  The 
        problems are: 1 -  not handling multiple regions in the 
        same IOConfig structure - it would return overlapping
        logical addresses.  2 - The logical address it would 
        return would always be 4K aligned even if the physical 
        address wasn't.  And 3 - If the region crossed N number 
        of pages, but the size rounded up to the nearest page 
        size was (N - 1) pages, it would not reserve enough space
        - sometimes causing a page fault and always not reserving
        enough space.

Without applying this patch to replace the loader component of
server.exe the ATMworks 350 adapter memory will not be mapped
correctly on all processors.  As a result the NetWare driver will 
not load because it will be unable to load the NIC's firmware.  
These patches are available from Novell in the NSD forum on   
COMPUSERV. They are also available in the /pub/netwire/nsd 
directory on  WWW users can use the following 

Please note:  When you are installing NetWare 4.x for the first 
time, this patch will not be loaded.  As a result, any attempt
to install the ATMworks 350 driver will fail.  Continue with the
installation even if there are warnings indicating that you
have not installed a network adapter.  You can complete the
installation without a network adapter.  After you install the
patches, install the ATMworks 350 driver as outlined in the
\novell\srvodi\readme.txt file.

There are also TCP/IP patches available from Novell.  The current
version is TCP41B.EXE which contains new TCP/IP NLMs to update 
TCP/IP 3.00x on NetWare 4.1 and 3.12 servers.  

6. If you are using the Windows NT NetWare Client, Client Service
for NetWare,  you must edit the registry to change the network 
number to match the one assigned to ATMworks 350 on your Novell 
server during installation.  For example, from a DOS window prompt:

   type: start regedt32 <CR>

   select the View menu item

   select Find Key

   enter dglpb  (do not select match whole word only, or
                 match case)

   press the enter key

   for each set of registry entries that appear in the right
   hand side of the screen, look for NetworkNumber.  For each
   one found, enter the NetWare IPX network number to match
   the one for your ATMworks 350 on the Novell server.

New Features

NetWare 3.12 is supported by this version of the driver.

Changes since the last release

Fixed bugs in PVC setup.  

Fixed crashes caused by double deallocation of memory.

Features not yet supported

Classical IP supports packets 9180 bytes long.  The ATMworks 350
NetWare 3.12/4.x ODI driver supports MTU_SIZE of 1516 at this time.

Multiple ATMworks 350 adapters in a PC are not supported by this
version of the driver. 

Known Problems

NetWare server runs out of ECBs in the following configuration:

NetWare server running Classical IP connected to a Digital 
Equipment Corporation Alpha station running Digital UNIX, 
with the Digital UNIX station running a ping task flooding to 
the NetWare server.

NetWare on 100Mhz pentiums hangs with an ATMworks 350 installed.  
This has been seen on the Venturis 5100 as well as the HP NetServer
5/100 LS pentium based systems.  Additional research is in progress.
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