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Tyan System Monitor V2.2x Readme

1. Revision History

1.Fix RPC issue on WinXP + SP2
2.Added more boards support(please refer the support list at the end of file).

1.Added Support to S2881
2.Added Support to S2735
2.Fix CPU Temp Bug on S2875
3.Added Special Board Patch Support

1)Added Support to S2720-533
2)Fix Voltage Bug on S2885 and S2880
3)Fix Voltage Bug on S2668
4)Added Support to S5101

1.Added Support to S2885
2.Added Support to S2882
3.Added Support to S2875
4.Added Support to S2850
5.Added Support to S5102
6.Added Support to B2094
7.Added Support to S5102
8.Added Support to S2725
9.Added Support to S2726

2. Installation Guide
TC System Monitor 2.2x have 2 parts:

1)TSM Server Agent
2)TSM Console

TSM Server Agent
	The data engine of TSM, all hardware monitor information and actions is done by
TSM Server. Must be installed on the host system. It run as a Windows Service, 
automatically start when system booting.

Support OS:
1.Windows 2000
2.Windows XP
3.Windows Server 2003

TSM Console
TSM browser, provide a GUI for user to do all configuration and view sensor readings. 
You can install on any system, which can access the host system with TCP/IP network.

Support OS:
1.Windows 2000
2.Windows XP
3.Windows Server 2003


TSM Server
Login the host system with a privilege account.
Run the TSMNS220.exe, then follow the setup guide.
After setup, you can check status from Control Panel->Administrator Tools->Services

TSM Console
Run the TSMNC220.exe, and follow the setup guide
After setup , you can run it form Start->Program->TC System Monitor Console->
TC System Monitor Console.

3. User Guide
	TSM Server Agent must be installed on Tyan Motherboard(the support list is
 at the end of this file) and TSM Console can be installed on any system which can
 access Agent system via Lan.
	After running the TSM Console, you will be ask to login, please specify the
Agent system name or ip address, if both Agent and Console is on same system, you 
can use "localhost".
	And use the account which belong to Administrator's Group to login. If you 
use same account on both system, you can use "as current user", or you must choose
"as another user" and specify the user name and password.

4. TC System Monitor Feature

1) Authentication
	TSM Server Agent authenticate the user to login TSM Server Agent and verify corresponding privileges.
	When login, please specified the Server Name(or IP address, if on local, localhost  is also accepted), User Name and Password, Domain(empty if no domain).

2) Remote Browse
	You can use TSM Console browse the sensor reading from console remotely

3) Remote Power Control
	TSM Console can wake up,	power down or reboot the remote the system through the TSM Server Agent.

4) Sensor Reading Auto Refresh
	In TSM Console, click the Monitor Button can switch auto refresh state with and off. Refresh rate can be adjusted in TSM Console->General Settings->General Panel
5) TC Scope
	In TSM Console, you can browse the sensor reading, set the threshold and alert setting in TC Scope.

6) Sensor Threshold Setting
	Sensor lower and upper threshold setting can be set in TC Scope in TSM Console

7) Alert and Error Action
	TSM Server Agent Provide alert and error action, such as email, power down and reboot, on host system, when sensor reading is abnormal. You can set them in TC Scope

8) Alert History Log
	All alert(email, reboot and power down) history can be logged on TSM Server Agent

9) Sensor Reading Log
	Sensor Readings can be logged in specified file on TSM Console, and the log frequence equals to the refresh rate

10) Operating Environment Computation (OEC)
	TSM Console monitor and calculate the host sensor reading in desired time, and adjust the
corresponding threshold automatically

11) Floating Scroll Mini-Window
	In TSM Console, when monitor state is "On", the Mini-Window will scroll the Sensor Reading automatically.
	Right click the Mini-Window left part, you can get the Menu
	Left click and hold the Mini-Window left part to move the Mini-Window

12) Tray Icon
	Right click the TSM Console Icon to get the Menu
	When window minimized, left click the Tray Icon to restore the browse window

	TSM Agent and TSO Agent cannot be used on same system.

Append 1. Support Mother Board Lists

Intel			AMD			Serverworks			VIA

S2098			S2469			S2707				S2495
S2099			S2850			S2727
S2720			S2880
S2721			S2881
S2722			S2882
S2723			S2885
S2725			S2875
S2726			S4880
S2662			S4882
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