Release.txt Driver File Contents (driver_cardreader_ricoh_TCA0002200C.exe)

+       RICOH R5U230 Media Driver for XP/Vista x86/x64   Ver2.02.02.01      +
+                             Release Version                               +
+                                                        Feb.18.2009        +

The drivers in this driver release are compatible with 
the following RICOH Controllers:

Model Number                              Supported Controller
------------                              ------------
R5U230/231/241  (DID=0xE230)               Memorystick Host Controller
R5U230/231/241  (DID=0xE852)               xD-Picture Card Host Controller
   [1]  Directory structure
   [2]  PnP Device ID
   [3]  Supported Environments
   [4]  Release note
   [5]  Update information
   [6]  Supported Media
   [7]  Installation 
   [8]  Supported languages  
   [9]  Known issues
   [10] Notice
   [11] Software License Agreement

[1] Directory structure

   +--Release.txt              ( This txt File )
	 +--Setup.exe          ( Setup execution file for installing drivers )
	 +--Other many files for Setup.

         +--23x32\+  (R5U230 x86 drivers folder)
               +--rimspe86.sys  ( Memory Stick Host Controller Driver (Ver.
               +--rimspcie.inf  ( INF File                     (02/12/2009,
               +--snymsico.dll  ( Memory Stick ICON                   (Ver.
       ( WHQL signed catalog file )

               +--rixdpe86.sys  ( xD-Picture Card Controller Driver   (Ver.
               +--rixdpcie.inf  ( INF File                     (01/13/2009,
               +--RixDICON.dll  ( xD-Picture Icon dll                    (Ver. 1.01.01))
       ( WHQL signed catalog file )

         +--23x64\+  (R5U230 x64 drivers folder)
               +--rimspe64.sys  ( Memory Stick Host Controller Driver (Ver.
               +--rimspcie.inf  ( INF File                     (02/12/2009,
               +--snymsico.dll  ( Memory Stick ICON                   (Ver.
       ( WHQL signed catalog file )

               +--rixdpe64.sys  ( xD-Picture Card Controller Driver   (Ver.
               +--rixdpcie.inf  ( INF File                     (01/13/2009,
               +--RixDICON.dll  ( xD-Picture Icon dll                    (Ver. 1.01.01))
       ( WHQL signed catalog file )

[2] PnP Device ID
PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E230="Ricoh PCIe Memory Stick Controller"
PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E852="Ricoh PCIe xD-Picture Card Controller"

[3] Supported Environments 

    Windows VISTA x86/x64
    Windows XP    x86/x64

[4] Release note
   Version :
   Date    : 2009.02.18
      - Logo'd driver package.
        - Added WHQL signed catalog files. -

   Version :
   Date    : 2009.02.16
      - Only Memory Stick Controller driver was updated for the following issue.
          - Memory Stick does not work on some AMD plat form. -

   Version :
   Date    : 2009.01.14
      - This release is for Windows XP/Vista x86/x64.
      - R5U230 drivers are beta release version.

   Version : 1.00.01
   Date    : 2008.11.20
      - First Released Beta Version driver package for VISTA x86

[5] Update information of R5U230 drivers
1. Memory Stick Controller driver

     Ver.   :
     Date   : 2009.02.12
       - Fixed the issue that Memory Stick does not work on some AMD plat form.

     Ver.   :
     Date   : 2009.01.09
       - Fixed the issue that MediaPlayer did not play MP3 files properly on MemoryStick.

     Ver.   : 
     Date   : 2008.11.14
       - Fixed the issue that MemoryStick might not able to be formatted on a platform.
       - Fixed the problem of failing in writing in MemoryStick on a platform.

     Ver.   : 
     Date   : 2008.10.15
       - Improved transfer performance.

     Ver.   : 
     Date   : 2008.10.03
       - First beta release version.

2. xD-Picture Card Controller

     Ver.   :
     Date   : 2009.01.13
       - Improved transfer performance.

     Ver.   : 
     Date   : 2008.10.16
       - Changed only INF file to avoide the problem that installation didn't succeed  
         in the environment where an Ricoh R5C8xx driver remains.

     Ver.   : 
     Date   : 2008.10.01
       - First public release beta version.


[6] Supported Media
   MemoryStick/PRO   4MB  - 16GB ( spec. up to 32GB )
   xD-Picture card   16MB - 2GB  (Normal, Type-M, Type-H)

[7] Installation

    Double-click on the file,"Setup.exe" to install the drivers.

    If you want to do "Silent Install", please execute "Setup -s" on  
     the Command prompt in the "RICOH_R5U230_Driver_v2.02.02.00" folder.

[8] Supported languages
    Simlified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese
    Brazilian Portuguese

[9] Known issues

[10]  Notice
  Only xD-Picture Card Licensee is permitted to use this driver.
  Because this driver includes xD-Picture Card Icon that is designed with based on 
  xD-Picture Card Logo.

[11] Software License Agreement
This is a legal agreement between you (hereafter referred to as the "Licensee")
and Ricoh Company Ltd., Electronic Devices Company (hereinafter referred to as 
"Ricoh") pertaining to the right to use the Software. Using the Software 
indicates your acceptance of these terms and conclusion of this Agreement between
the Licensee and Ricoh.

1. The Software shall remain the property of Ricoh. Ricoh retains the right to use, 
copy, modify, sublicense, and distribute the Software.

2. Licensee is allowed to modify, make or  have made duplications of the Software up 
to the maximum quantity of the computer system manufactured or sold by Licensee, in 
which the Product shall be incorporated, provided, however, that the Licensee shall 
have entered into license agreements of ; (1) Memory Stick PRO - Hardware AGREEMENT 
with Sony Corporation. (2)xD-Picture Card License Agreement with Fuji Photo Film 
Co. Ltd., and Olympus Imaging Corporation, and Toshiba Corporation.

3. Licensee is allowed to use the Software trademark or the name of gRicohh for 
the purposes of those aforesaid, explicitly granted in this Agreement.

4. Licensee is allowed to distribute the Software to Licenseefs users, and grant 
a world-wide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free sublicense to use the 
Software. Licensee understands and agrees that it does not have the right to 
distribute the Software as a stand-alone product, nor to grant a license to any 
other parties to distribute the Software as a stand-alone product under this Agreement.

5. Licensee is not allowed to reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, or analyze 
the Software under this Agreement.

6. No rights or licenses are granted by Ricoh to Licensee, expressly or by implication, 
with respect to any proprietary information or patent, copyright, mask work, trademark, 
trade secret, or other intellectual property right or controlled by Ricoh, except as 
expressly provided in this Agreement.

7. Licensee shall not use the Software or portion of it for the purposes than those 


9.In no event shall either party be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, 
speculative, or consequential damages of any kind, including but not limited to loss 
of profits, loss of use, loss of goodwill, or interruption of business, whether under 
this Agreement or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

10. Licensee shall treat any information supplied by Ricoh or obtained by Licensee 
under the terms of this Agreement as confidential and shall not disclose it to any 
third party nor shall use it for any purposes other than those of this Agreement.

11. Upon termination of this Agreement, Licensee shall return or destroy the Software 
and all confidential information including copies thereof to Ricoh without delay.

12. The term of this Agreement shall commence on the 9th, January, 2009 , and 
Licensee may terminate this Agreement upon thirty(30) days prior written notice to 
---------------------------  END  ----------------------------------------------

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