TriDis.txt Driver File Contents (pr100vidx.exe)


DefaultDestDir   = 11
tridxp.Miniport  = 12  ; drivers
tridxp.Display   = 11  ; system32
tridxp.Utility   = 11  ;
tridxp.ICD       = 11  ; OpenGL ICD

; General Delete files section

DelFiles=tridxp.Miniport, tridxp.Display, tridxp.ICD, tridxp.Utility

; File Delete sections

tridxp4m.sys ,,,0x00000001

tridxp4.dll ,,,0x00000001

tridicdm.dll ,,,0x00000001

tdisplus.dll ,,,0x00000001
tdisplus.hlp ,,,0x00000001
tdisplus.cnt ,,,0x00000001
tdispjpn.dll ,,,0x00000001
tdispjpn.hlp ,,,0x00000001
tdispjpn.cnt ,,,0x00000001
tdispchs.dll ,,,0x00000001
tdispchs.hlp ,,,0x00000001
tdispchs.cnt ,,,0x00000001
tdispdeu.dll ,,,0x00000001
tdispdeu.hlp ,,,0x00000001
tdispdeu.cnt ,,,0x00000001
tdispesp.dll ,,,0x00000001
tdispesp.hlp ,,,0x00000001
tdispesp.cnt ,,,0x00000001
tdispfra.dll ,,,0x00000001
tdispfra.hlp ,,,0x00000001
tdispfra.cnt ,,,0x00000001
tdispita.dll ,,,0x00000001
tdispita.hlp ,,,0x00000001
tdispita.cnt ,,,0x00000001
tdispkor.dll ,,,0x00000001
tdispkor.hlp ,,,0x00000001
tdispkor.cnt ,,,0x00000001
videoico.exe ,,,0x00000001
tvicon.exe   ,,,0x00000001
RegServe.exe ,,,0x00000001
ColorCtr.dll ,,,0x00000001
CRTCtrl.dll  ,,,0x00000001
GenCtrl.dll  ,,,0x00000001
LCDCtrl.dll  ,,,0x00000001
Multview.dll ,,,0x00000001
TVCtrl.dll   ,,,0x00000001
DTMenuEx.dll ,,,0x00000001
VirDesk.exe  ,,,0x00000001
TWatDog.exe  ,,,0x00000001
VirDesk.hlp  ,,,0x00000001
VirDesk.cnt  ,,,0x00000001
TriDis.inf   ,,,0x00000001
NTDisUn.dll  ,,,0x00000001


HKLM,"%SERVICEROOT%\tridxp4", Start, %REG_DWORD% , 4

HKCU,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run", TridentVideoIcon
HKCU,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run", TridentTVIcon
HKCU,"Software\Trident Microsystems, Inc.","COM Component Registration",,"0"
HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Controls Folder\Display\shellex\PropertySheetHandlers\Refresh Rate Control",,,"{dc3e5640-f745-11ce-9850-0040c721629a}"
HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Trident Microsystems\Device0", ExtraMode, %REG_SZ%,1
HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\OpenGLDrivers",tridxp4


REG_SZ         = 0x00000000
REG_MULTI_SZ   = 0x00010000
REG_EXPAND_SZ  = 0x00020000
REG_BINARY     = 0x00000001
REG_DWORD      = 0x00010001
SERVICEROOT    = System\CurrentControlSet\Services

DP       = "Software\Microsoft\DirectPlay\Services"
IPX_DESC = "WinSock IPX Connection For DirectPlay"
MOD_DESC = "Modem Connection For DirectPlay"
TCP_DESC = "WinSock TCP Connection For DirectPlay"

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