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**  VIA Rhine Family Fast Ethernet Adapter
**  NDIS Driver for WindowsXP/Server2003/Vista x64 Edition
**  v3.83   Dec, 2008


  This document shows you how to setup the driver in Windows operating system.

Contents of the Subdirectory:

    FET5A64B.SYS        The NDIS5 driver for WinXP/Server2003/Vista x64 Edition.
    FETNDA64.INF        The installation information file.
    VUINS64.DLL         The Un-installer for WinXP/Server2003/Vista x64 Edition.
    DIFXAPI.DLL         The DIFx API for Windows Vista x64 Edition.
    WINX64.TXT          This file.


  Before starting with the installation process, make sure that the adapter
  is properly installed and configured.

    1. Turn on the power of your PC on to boot from Windows operating system.
       Windows will auto-detect your new adapter, and the "New Hardware Found"
       dialogue box will appear. Select "Driver from disk provided by hardware
       manufacturer" to install driver from the diskette that comes with your
       LAN adapter.

    2. Insert the driver diskette into your floppy drive, and specify the
       path of the driver in the diskette(i.e. A:\) to copy the driver
       files to your system.


    1. In Setup Option "Flow Control":
       When setting to Hardware Default(Auto), the flow control setting is 
       according to the auto-negotiation result based on PHY hardware default
       values. However, when setting to other values(Disable, Enable), driver 
       will just disable or enable flow control ability according to your setting.

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