Acer-20080114D-yellow-1.txt Driver File Contents (

//Address		Data
 0x12 ,0x80
,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x64
,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x00 ,0x64
0x00		0x12
0x01       0x8A
0x02       0x40
0x03       0x54
0x04       0x00
0x05       0x13
0x06       0x29
0x07       0x1F
0x08       0x00
0x09       0x00
0x0A       0x77
0x0B       0x21
0x0C       0x10
0x0D       0x41
0x0E       0xD5
0x0F       0xC5
0x10       0x64
0x11       0x01
0x12       0x00
0x13       0xeF  //0xff
0x14       0x11
0x15       0x00
0x16       0x00
0x17       0x22
0x18       0xA4
0x19       0x07
0x1A       0xF0
0x1B       0x40
0x1C       0x7F
0x1D       0xA2
0x1E       0x00
0x1F       0x00
0x20       0x10
0x21       0x00
0x22       0x7F
0x23       0x03
0x24       0x40
0x25       0x30
0x26       0xA1
0x27       0x00
0x28       0x00
0x29       0xA0
0x2A       0x00
0x2B       0x00
0x2C       0xF0
0x2D       0x00
0x2E       0x00
0x2F       0x38
0x30       0x80
0x31       0x60
0x32       0x00
0x33       0x00
0x34       0x00
0x35       0x7F
0x36       0x81
0x37       0x85
0x38       0x85
0x39       0x72
0x3A       0x86
0x3B       0x9C
0x3C       0x9E
0x3D       0x03
0x3E       0xE2
0x3F       0x1F
0x40       0xE8
0x41       0x00
0x42       0x7F
0x43       0x80
0x44       0x80
0x45       0x80
0x46       0x05
0x47       0x00
0x48       0x00
0x49       0x09
0x4A       0x00
0x4B       0x09
0x4C       0x12
0x4D       0x09
0x4E       0xEF
0x4F       0x10
0x50       0x60
0x51       0x00
0x52       0x00
0x53       0x24
0x54       0x7A
0x55       0xFC
0x56       0xFC
0x57       0xFC
0x58       0xFC
0x59       0xFC
0x5A       0xFC
0x5B       0xFC
0x5C       0xFC
0x5D       0xFC
0x5E       0xFC
0x5F       0xFC
0x60       0x00
0x61       0x05
0x62       0xFF
0x63       0xE0
0x64       0xFF
0x65       0x20
0x66       0x00
0x67       0x48
0x68       0x00
0x69       0x9E
0x6A       0x11
0x6B       0x2D
0x6C       0x09
0x6D       0x50
0x6E       0x71
0x6F       0x4E
0x70       0x12
0x71       0x45
0x72       0x0D
0x73       0x12
0x74       0x12
0x75       0xFF
0x76       0x00
0x77       0x33
0x78       0x10
0x79       0x17
0x7A       0x45
0x7B       0xF0
0x7C       0xF0
0x7D       0xF0
0x7E     0x0c  //0x04
0x7F     0x16 //0x0e
0x80     0x2a //0x20
0x81     0x4e //0x43
0x82     0x61//0x53
0x83     0x6f//0x61
0x84     0x7b//0x6d
0x85     0x86//0x76
0x86     0x8E//0x7e
0x87     0x97//0x86
0x88     0xa4//0x94
0x89     0xAf//0xa1
0x8A     0xc5//0xba
0x8B     0xd7//0xcf
0x8C     0xE8//0xe3
0x8D     0x20//0x26
0x8E       0x03
0x8F       0x02
0x90       0x05
0x91       0x01
0x92       0x05
0x93       0x00
0x94       0x75
0x95       0x70
0x96       0x05
0x97       0x22
0x98       0x63
0x99       0x85
0x9A       0x1E
0x9B       0x08
0x9C       0x20
0x9D       0x00
0x9E       0x00
0x9F       0xFA
0xA0       0x02
0xA1       0x50
0xA2       0x40
0xA3       0x06
0xA4       0x00
0xA5       0x00
0xA6       0x04
0xA7       0x40
0xA8       0x40
0xA9       0x80
0xAA       0x00
0xAB       0x06
0xAC       0xFF
0xAD       0x40
0xAE       0x40
0xAF       0x40
0xB0       0x40
0xB1       0x40
0xB2       0x40
0xB3       0x40
0xB4       0x40
0xB5       0x40
0xB6       0x40
0xB7       0x40
0xB8       0x40
0xB9       0x40
0xBA       0x40
0xBB       0x40
0xBC       0x40
0xBD       0x40
0xBE       0x40
0xBF       0x40
0xC0       0x40
0xC1       0x40
0xC2       0x40
0xC3       0x40
0xC4       0x40
0xC5       0x40
0xC6       0x40
0xC7       0x40
0xC8       0x40
0xC9       0x40
0xCA       0x40
0xCB       0x40
0xCC       0x40
0xCD       0x40
0xCE       0x40
0xCF       0x40
0xD0       0x40
0xD1       0x40
0xD2       0x40
0xD3       0x40
0xD4       0x40
0xD5       0x40
0xD6       0x40
0xD7       0x40
0xD8       0x40
0xD9       0x40
0xDA       0x40
0xDB       0x40
0xDC       0x40
0xDD       0x40
0xDE       0x40
0xDF       0x40
0xE0       0x40
0xE1       0x40
0xE2       0x40
0xE3       0x40
0xE4       0x40
0xE5       0x40
0xE6       0x40
0xE7       0x40
0xE8       0x40
0xE9       0x40
0xEA       0x40
0xEB       0x40
0xEC       0x40
0xED       0x40
0xEE       0x40
0xEF       0x40
0xF0       0x40
0xF1       0x40
0xF2       0x40
0xF3       0x40
0xF4       0x40
0xF5       0x40
0xF6       0x40
0xF7       0x40
0xF8       0x40
0xF9       0x40
0xFA       0x40
0xFB       0x40
0xFC       0x40
0xFD       0x40
0xFE       0x40

,0xff ,0xff ,0xff ,0xff
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How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

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