history_Vista32.txt Driver File Contents (AX88772_772A_Vista_32bit_Driver_v3.8.3.17_WHQL.zip)

Driver Package File Name: AX88772_772A_Vista_32bit_Driver_v3.8.3.17_WHQL.zip
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// ASIX AX88772/AX88772A Windows Vista 32-bit driver
// Revision History
// This document describes the major changes, additions and bug fixes made 
// to the driver between released versions. 

Version (2009-04-02)
1. Modify inf file.

Version (2009-03-10)
1. Reduce CPU utilization while transmit/receive packets.
2. Record some messages to system event log when USB error.
3. Fix while wait bug when suspend.
4. Update to WDF 1.7.
5. Fix NetBios wakeup byte mask.

Version (2009-02-13)
1. Move interrupt timer from befor PHY power up procedure to after.
2. Modify some endpoints register flags to solve BSOD issue on UWB.

Version (2008-11-18)
1. Add PHY ON/OFF sequence procedure.
2. Add DisplayLink USB bandwidth solution.
3. Solve the issue that driver stops working after remove USB memory stick.

Version (2008-06-18)
1. Modified based on v3.8.3.10.
2. Fix system hang up when connecting ADSL with PPPOE.
3. Modify to ignore the power management setting of Vista system 

Version (2008-06-16)
1. Internal release.

Version (2008-06-05)
1. Internal release.

Version (2008-04-16)
1. Modify some line location in the OID set routine to fix Inventec UMPC system WHQL test issue.
2. Add phy check when resume from sleep/hibernate mode.
3. Add to check the power management setting of Vista system

Version (2007-09-13)
1. Fix VLAN issue. (Send packets without VLAN tag when VLAN is enable.)

Version (2007-09-06)
1. Fix WOL issue. (when enter sleep mode, some vendor commands aren't sent.)

Version (2007-05-15)
1. Protect oid cancel routine.
2. Add WdfRequestCancelSentRequest in halt(), for avoid delay complete routine.

Version (2007-03-21)
1. AX88772/AX88772A combined driver. (New release for AX88772A)
2. Fix Toshiba UWB dock issue.
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