Update.txt Driver File Contents (CEPCVCPDriver.zip)

Serial WinCE 4.2-6.0. Driver Version
© Future Technology Devices Intl. Ltd. 2008

ftdi_ser.dll - the serial driver - type this in when prompted after device plug in.
FTDIPORT.INF - inf file

Copy both files (if required - see INF files for additional information)  to the \Windows directory then plug in device.
Dialog will prompt for a driver name - use "ftdi_ser.dll" in full.

	Resolved interface selection issue for FT2232H and FT4232H.

	Included support for FT2232H and FT4232H.

	Changes for CE 6.0 compatibility.
	Included file version info viewable from Windows Explorer.

	Fixed an issue with .NET serial port component compatibility.

	Fixed an issue with multiple ports above COM10 on Widows CE 5.0 and later.
	Works with Windows Mobile 6 (Windows CE 5.2).

	Added support for 255 COM ports on CE 5.0 and later (COM0 - COM 254).

	Modified location of registry keys under ClientDrivers and LoadClients.

	Added registry setting to use CeSetThreadPriority API to set bulk thread priority (BulkPriorityEx) (CE 5.0 and above only).
	Bug fix for notify on device removal

	Potential lockup on Write to device fix.

	Event Char 0x0D included in DCB setup.

	232R extended command support added (Latency Timer etc).

	Flow control on infinite timeout fix.

	Added EV_ERR support.

	Updated persistant unplug/replug.

	Internal release fixing persistant unplug/replug issues.
	On persistant unplug WriteFile, ReadFile, and IOCTL will return ERROR_GEN_FAILURE

	Persistant unplug/replug with ConfigData entry (see README.txt).

	Fix Access on unplug.

	Memory leak bug fix in unplug/replug.

	Internal release.

	Modem Emulation support added (requires EmulationMode registry setting as per Application Note 	AN232B-09 and 	INF Files Readme).
	ActiveSync monitoring support added (requires registry setting - see INF Files Readme).

	Removed persistent registry FIX in to allow for unique COM port settings.

	Added support for notify on device removal (using the FTVCP2G.dll)

	Bug fix with persistent registry not allowing unique driver settings on install
	Minor internal changes.

	Calculates baud if no ConfigData setting in registry
	Removed ConfigData as a default INF file setting

	Added support for Ratoc USB host

	Fixed RLSD event reporting

	Alias baud rate functionality
	Unique device settings in registry (Requires devices with serial number)
	Driver version number in registry
	Fixed disconnect on open port bug

Release Initial release after Beta testing

Tested with: 	AMD Personal Internet Communicator
		RATOC Host CF card (REX-CFU1) - with Toshiba e800
		Toshiba e800 with Presentation pack (PA3326U-1PRP)
		Toshiba e400 with USB host cable
		CEPC - running Windows CE 4.2

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