Silent Install.txt Driver File Contents (qlgc_dd_nic_5.0_windows_32-64.exe)

Driver Package File Name: qlgc_dd_nic_5.0_windows_32-64.exe
File Size: 6.0 MB

Silent Install / Update for Windows STORport and NDIS drivers:

The silent install/update program is available for the Storage drivers and Ethernet
(NDIS) drivers for Windows 2003 for both x86 and x64.

For Storage, the program is in \STORInstaller folder.

For Ethernet, the program is in \NetInstaller folder.

Note that these iSCSI adapters are dual Storage iSCSI and Ethernet devices.

So, when the hardware is installed, the system will detect each adapter or each port
as both an Ethernet device and a storage SCSI device.
For Ethernet, you need to install the Ethernet NDIS driver. For storage, you need to
install the STORport driver.

In each folder, for each of x86 and x64, a set of MSI, Setup.exe, and BAT files are
provided for your silent install/update setup.

For example, for STORport 64-bit driver, QLXSTOR64.msi, setup.exe, and silentcmd.bat 
files are provided.
Click the msi file or setup.exe file to install the driver package by using setup wizard.

Or, for your convenience, a BAT file is already provided.

For the STORport x64, the BAT file runs "msiexec /i qlxstor64.msi /qn /li install.log" 
for silent installation setup for the STORport 64-bit driver.
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