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              BIOS release V13 for LG-95C

Release information:


1.	Update CPU micro code.
2.	Please use ¡§AFU408P.EXE¡¨ flash tool.
3.	BIOS compiled date: 09/12/2007.


1.	§ó·sCPU·L½X¡C
2.	½Ð¨Ï¥Î¡§AFU408P.EXE¡¨ flash¤u¨ã¡C
3.	BIOSµo§G¤é´Á : 09/12/2007.

*********************************  NOTE  *********************************

1. How to upgrade BIOS:
 a. Create an MS-DOS startup disk.
 b. Extract all files in the operation system.
 c. Copy the files to startup disk.
 d. Boot into MS-DOS.
 e. Run "runme.bat"

   ***  Please notice that we suggest you flashing the bios with switches

        by "runme.bat".

 d. For more detail, please visit:


2.After BIOS updated, pull off the power cord and then clear the CMOS data
  via jumper before restarting system please.

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