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                             VIA Service Pack
                              ( VIA 4 In 1 )
  VIA Service Pack (VIA 4 In 1) is Copyright(C) 1999 VIA Technologies, Inc.

Table of Contents:
        About VIA 4 In 1
        Setting Up
        Technical Support
        Special Note (WinFast AGP VGA users only)
	Customize installing drivers (for MB Manufacturer)

About VIA 4 In 1:
VIA 4 In 1 driver includes four system drivers to improve the performance and
maintain the stability of system using VIA chipset. These four drivers are:
VIA Registry (INF) Driver, VIA AGP VxD driver, VIA ATAPI Vendor Support Driver
and VIA PCI IRQ Miniport Driver. For Windows NT users, VIA IDE Bus Mastering
driver is only driver to be installed to your system

VIA Registry (INF) Driver is to be installed under Windows. The driver will 
enable VIA Power Management Controller.

VIA AGP VxD Driver is to be installed if you are using and AGP VGA card.
VIAGART.VXD will provide service routines to your VGA driver and interface
directly to hardware, providing fast graphical access.

VIA ATAPI Vendor Support Driver is used to fixed the compatibility issue for 
IDE devices.

VIA PCI IRQ Miniport Driver is to be installed under Windows 98 only, it will
fixed PCI IRQ routing sequence.

Setting Up:
        You may Install and Uninstall VIA driver by selecting the proper

        Step 1: To setup the driver, double click the "SETUP.EXE" icon or run
        "SETUP.EXE" under VIA 4 In 1 Driver directory.
        Step 2: Bypass the "Welcome" dialog by clicking "Next"
        Step 3: In "Select Component" dialog, choose driver(s) you wish to
                install by clicking the check box of each driver. Selected
                driver(s) will display tick(s).
                After selecting proper driver(s), click next
        Step 4: Driver options select
            "VIA ATAPI Vendor Support Driver dialog": 
                Install, Uninstall 
		Enable/Disable DMA Mode
            "VIA_GART AGP Driver":
                Install VIA AGP VxD in turbo mode, Install VIA AGP VxD in
                Normal Mode, Uninstall
            "Viamach.INF ":
            "VIA PCI IRQ Miniport Driver"
                Install, Uninstall
        Step 5: Reboot for drivers to take effect.

The latest VIA 4 In 1 can be downloaded from web site

Technical Support:
If you have problems with your drivers or you require more information about
VIA products, please contact our technical support from VIA web site or via E-mail

Special Note:(For WinFast VGA AGP users only)
WinFast AGP VGA drivers is bundled with VIA VGA VxD. For users who use
WinFast AGP VGA, we suggest you to download the driver from WinFast Web site.
If you do not have access to Internet, we suggest that you install WinFast
driver before install VIA AGP VxD Driver.

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