SAMPLE.TXT Driver File Contents (

` Sample of password txt file
` To set the POP and/or HDP of target systems,
` Create password.txt file and pass to the srcmos like below:
`  "srcmos.exe foo.dat /c /ep password.txt"
` Description:
` Structure of this csv file is:
` "DataFileName,POP,HDD,UserHDP,MasterHDP,KbdLang"
`   DataFileName - This file name is used to save the datafile.
`                  If this field is blank, a first parameter of srcmos is used.
`                  ex) "srcmos.exe foo.dat /c /ep password.txt" -> 
`                      If this field is blank, the data is saved to "foo.dat".
`   POP          - PowerOn Password.
`   HDD          - Select the HDD to set the HDP.
`                  'PM'=Primary Master, 'PS'=Primary Slave, 
`                  'SM'=Secondary Master, 'SS'=Secondary Slave.
`   UserHDP      - User Harddisk Password.
`   MasterHDP    - Master Harddisk Password.
`                  You can set hdp only [User only] or [User + Master ].
`                  You can not set master hdp only.
`   KbdLang      - Language type of keyboard.
`                  SRCMOS v3.21 support "US", "FR", and "GR".
`                  US - English US, English UK, Chinese-Traditional, Danish,
`                       Dutch, French-Canadian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
`                       Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish-Europea, 
`                       Spanish-Latin American, Swiss, Turkish
`                  FR - French-European, Belgian
`                  GR - German, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian
`                  Important note for FR users:
`                  In FR languages, 1st row of keyboards are not assigned to 
`                  number (1-9 and 0). But, you must write the character of
`                  1st row as 'number' in this file.
`                  ex) In France-European keyboard, If you want to set POP as
`                  "(-_", you must write to this file as "568".
` Note:
`  Maximum password length is depend on your ThinkPad models.
`  Applicable character is :
`     Passphrase is not disabled or not supported  -> [a-z] and [0-9]
`     Passphrase is enabled                        -> [a-z], [0-9] and [space].
` Valid Samples
user01.dat,pass01,PM,pass01,ibm,US  ` POP, UserHDP and MasterHDP
user02.dat,pass02,PM,pass02,,US     ` POP and UserHDP
user03.dat,pass03,,,,US             ` POP only
user04.dat,,PM,pass04,,US           ` UserHDP only
user05.dat,,PM,pass05,ibm,US        ` UserHDP and MasterHDP
user06.dat,pass06,PM+PS,pass06,ibm,US  `HDP will be set to PrimaryMaster
`                                       and PrimarySlave.
,pop,PM,pop,ibm,US			        ` blank filename -> 1st commandline param
`                                     is used
user08.dat,the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,,,,US
`                                     Using passphrase

` Invalid Samples
` To see the error msgs, remove '`'.
`user01.dat,pass01,,pass01,ibm,US	` HDD is not selected
`user01.dat,pass01,PM,,ibm,US		` MasterHDP must be set with UserHdp.
`user01.dat,pass01,PM,pass01,ibm,English` Invalid language definition is used
`user01.dat,pass01,PM,pass01,ibm	` Language is not selected
`user01.dat,pass0-1,,,,US           ` HDD is not selected
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