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 3Com EtherLink III EtherDisk Diskette Release Notes

 This version of EtherDisk provides the following enhancements:

    Auto Installation Software for a NetWare DOS Client:
        NetWare DOS client software can be automatically installed to the
        hard disk of a PC in two ways:
        1) If "3Install" is configured on a server, the latest client        
           software will be installed on the client if the system           
           administrator copies the latest software to the 3Install account.  
           For instructions on configuring "3Install" account, locate the    
           readme.txt file on this EtherDisk diskette                   
           (Path: QINSTALL\SERVER\README.TXT).          
        2) If "3Install" is not available a basic DOS Client (LSL, the DOS
           ODI driver, IPXODI, and NetX) will be copied to the hard disk and
           placed in the AUTOEXEC.BAT

    NetWare 2.2 (NetWare 286):
        EtherDisk now ships default as a NetWare 2.2 import disk. NetWare 2.2
        drivers are located in the Root directory to allow the NetWare 2.2
        import function to work smoothly.

    Driver Agents for Transcend EtherLink SmartAgent (formerly LinkWatch):
        These driver agents, when used with 3Com's Transcend EtherLink 
        SmartAgent software, allow network administrators to monitor and 
        control PC network activity.  A driver agent is built into the 
        3C5x9.COM NetWare client ODI driver.  Driver agents for NDIS 2.01 
        drivers are separately installable files which ship with Transcend 
        EtherLink SmartAgent product only.
    Clarkson Packet Driver (formerly Crynwr) is included on this diskette.

 Release Notes:

    NDIS 2.01
        The EtherLink III adapter driver ships with the Microsoft Windows for
        Workgroups (WFW) version 3.1.  This driver works with the 3C509 ISA
        and 3C579 EISA adapters.  However, if you are using WFW with the 3C529
        micro channel adapters, you need to use the drivers on this EtherDisk.
        To update, install WFW and select the EtherLink III driver.  After
        installation is complete, execute the "Update NDIS driver" option in
        the "NDIS drivers" menu.

 3Com, EtherLink, and EtherDisk are registered trademarks and Transcend and
 SmartAgent are trademarks of 3Com Corporation.

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  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

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