MESSAGE.TXT Driver File Contents (ip3500sosmwin100us.exe)

title=Manual Language Specification
label1=Language Selection

title=Manual Selection
label1=Selection of OS Being Used
label2=Manual Selection

title=Manual Selection
label1=Manual Selection

title=Manual Section B
label1=Manual Selection A

#Probably not necessary
title=Manual Section
label1=Selection of OS Being Used

title=Manual Installation
label1=\n\nInstalling the Manual.\n\n             Please wait...

msg1=To open this manual, you will need a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator (Communicator).
msg2=If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to view this manual, some sections of the manual may not be displayed clearly. If you are using Windows Millennium Edition and have not yet used the internet browser, the manual will be displayed with Internet Explorer.
msg3=Do you want to install the manual onto your computer? If you install the manual, you can display it next time without the CD-ROM.
msg4=Browser startup failed.
msg5=Specify the installation directory.
msg6=The installation will be canceled.
msg7=An error occurred. The installation will be canceled.
msg8=There is not enough space on the hard disk. You must have %dMB of available space on the hard disk to install this manual. Ensure there is enough space and then try again.
msg9=The manual has already been installed. Open the installed manual?
msg10=Installation failed.
msg11=Open the installed manual?
msg12=The manual has already been installed.
msg13=You cannot open multiple manuals.
msg14=Specify the installation directory
msg15=Copying %s.
msg16=The installation was canceled or has failed.
msg18=Installation of the manual was completed.
msg19=Delete all the Manual. OK ?
msg21=The manual is currently open. Close the manual and try again.

alt1=An invalid section name was specified for StartHtm.ini. Correct the setting. (Err:1)
alt2=An invalid keyword name was set for StartHtm.ini. Correct the setting. (Err:2)
alt3=Memory could not be allocated. Processing cannot be continued. (Err:3)
alt4=The language that was selected in the language selection dialog box does not match the CD directory configuration or does not exist. (Err:4)
alt5=No path was set to manual identification name in [contents-path] section of StartHtm.ini. (Err:5)
alt6=A path that was set to the manual identification name in the [contents-path] section of StartHtm.ini has an incorrect structure. (Err:6)
alt7=The structure of the manual identification name in the [contents-path] section of StartHtm.ini is incorrect. (Err:7)
alt8=Messages cannot be obtained because there is not appropriate section in the message file. (Err:8)
alt9=The language information in the third parameter does not match the language directory prepared in the CD. (Err:9)
alt10=The WWWMENU folder that should have been prepared in the CD does not exist or cannot be copied. (Err:10)
alt11=Starthtm cannot be operated because there is no language setting in the [contents] section of StartHtm.ini. (Err: 11)
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