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Windows 95 Video Drivers, Version



This readme file gives details of the supported resolutions and operating 
limitations for the S3 Trio 64V2  graphics accelerator chip. It also describes
the driver installation procedure.

1.0 Product Description

1.1 This is a release of the Windows 95 drivers supporting the 
Trio 64V2 graphics graphics accelerator.

1.2 The following resolutions are supported:
                                      (MB)          REFRESH RATE
   640x480 ( VGA )          16         1            60 Hz
   640x480                 256         1            60,72,75,85 Hz
   640x480                 64K         1            60,72,75,85 Hz
   640x480                 16M         1            60 Hz
   640x480                 16M         2            60,72,75,85 Hz

   800x600                 16          1            60,72,75,85 Hz      
   800x600                 256         1            60,72,75,85 Hz 
   800x600                 64K         1            60,72,75,85 Hz 
   800x600                 16M         2            60,72,75,85 Hz
   1024x768                256         1            i43,60,70,75,85 Hz 
   1024x768                64K         2            i43,60,70,75,85 Hz
   1280x1024               256         2            i45,60,75,85 Hz
   1600x1200               256         2            i48,60 Hz 
3.0 Installation Procedure
 This file describes normal display driver installation procedures for
Windows 95.  Use these procedures when installing drivers provided in 
this directory on the HP VL5 ( S3 Trio 64V2/775) 

-1-   Click Start, then Settings, then Control Panel.

-2-   Start the "Display" applet program. 

-3-   Select the "Settings" page, push the "Change Display Type" button.

-4-   Push the "Change" button in the "Adapter Type" area.

-5-   Push the "Have Disk" button and press "OK".

-6-   Insert the drivers disk in the A: floppy drive, and enter A:\.


      In the case you have made a copy of the drivers, type in the name
      of the directory where you copied the drivers, either on your
      local hard drive or on a network share.

-7-   The "Select Device" dialog box will appear. Select the only adapter
      that is listed and click OK.

-8-   Windows 95 will copy the display drivers to the proper directories
      on your system.

-9-   Continue choosing Close until asked to restart your machine from the
      "Systems Settings Change" dialog box.

-10-  After the system has restarted, you can go back into the Display
      applet and select alternate screen resolutions and color depths.
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