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Hauppauge Specific Release Notes for Amity2:
Driver Release (10/06/2004)

** Hauppauge Release Info/History...
Driver Release (10/06/2004)
* New Audio Firmware fixes SECAM AM Mono Audio.

Driver Release (10/03/2004)
* Maintenance build.

Driver Release (10/02/2004)
* New Audio Firmware fixes intermittent "No Audio" problem.
* Fixed VBI Line 23 (CGMS works correctly).

Driver Release (09/22/2004)
* Restore CaptureFilter Input Pin Connection Requirement.

Driver Release (09/20/2004)
* Fix 2 bytes of PciConfigSpace on resume from standby/hibernate.

Driver Release (09/14/2004)
* Improved tuning support for Non WinTV applications.
* Additional crossbar flexibility for potential needs in both Retail and 3rd party software.
* More stringent crossbar adherence for MCE.
* Support for WinTV Help/About Detail strings.

Driver Release (09/08/2004)
* WinTV/Radio does not stutter.
* Improved TVAudio Mode / SAP / Lang A/B/C support.
* VTPlus Teletext Support.

Driver Release (09/03/2004)
* Additional tuner support.

Driver Release (08/26/2004)
* Fixed Occasional Stream Error at Start of Encode problem

Driver Release (08/24/2004)
* Occasional SAP problems fixed.
* Traditional Program Stream-Type supported.
* Retail IR Reset Support.

Driver Release (08/18/2004)
* New Driver (Non-Instance-Specific) Key.
* New ProcAmp Defaults.

Driver Release (08/16/2004)
* Teletext support.
* Default Color Controls work properly.
* Fixed potential bitrate query error.

Driver Release (08/05/2004)
* Audio Noise on channel/source change fixed.
* Color Control Refinement.

Driver Release (08/04/2004)
* More Video Quality Improvements.
* ProcAmp settings no longer get destroyed.
* VariableBitRateAverage mode can now be set correctly.

Driver Release (08/03/2004)
* Video Quality Improvements.
* All installed components are Hauppauge components.

Driver Release (07/30/2004)
* PAL Audio Auto-Standards detection improvements.
* Change to more stable video firmware.

Driver Release (07/29/2004)
* Improved Resume-From-Standby time.
* Dynamic Crossbar (Headerless boards don't show extra inputs).
* Crossbar Audio is no longer muted by default.

Driver Release (07/26/2004)
* Improved SAP transitioning.

Driver Release (07/23/2004)
* Automatic Audio Standard Detection.  (PAL I works in China).
* MPEG Program stream corruption fixes.

Driver Release (07/21/2004)
* FM Audio on Resume From Standby fixed.
* FM/TV Volume levels balanced.
* Default Copy Protection behaviour is "Flash".

Driver Release (07/15/2004)
* Fixed bug which caused MCE to have choppy blocky video.

Driver Release (07/14/2004)
* HSBC settings are closer to normal.  Further testing underway...

Driver Release (07/13/2004)
* Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness settings "Get" and "Set" correctly.
* ECP Info page reports Audio Firmware Version.

Driver Release (07/08/2004)
* Fixed situation in which some broadcast sources would have [effectively] muted audio.
* MCE Copy Protection now works on Tuner Sources.

Driver Release (07/01/2004)
* MakoB2 hardware support to fix choppy audio as a result of firmware disables.
* Support new hcwECP properties HCW_ECP_INFO_Model,HCW_ECP_INFO_DriverVersion, and HCW_ECP_INFO_GeneralString.
* Device name restored to "Hauppauge WinTV PVR PCI II" (with trailing model detail).

Driver Release (06/24/2004)
* PAL Audio works!  Well, until someone proves otherwise.
* Full Hauppauge ECP API Support.
* PowerState Restore implemented.
* Will not drive Non-Hauppauge Hardware.

Driver Release (06/23/2004)
* Fixed System Hang on switch to Radio.
* Improved Hauppauge ECP API Support. Next release should be complete.
* Hauppauge Custom Rom File Names.
* Non-Amity2/DT boards will not install.

Driver Release (06/22/2004)
* Based on Cnx 2.0.12.
* More/better PAL audio support.

Driver Release (06/19/2004)
* Comb Filter Settings fixed to address Cross Color Artifacts.
* Copy Protection Support and Installation.
* Hauppauge ECP API Support.

Driver Release (06/17/2004)
* Ratings Decoder Installed.

Driver Release (06/11/2004)
* Video Signal Status is valid!
* Back to the old Audio ROM.

Driver Release (06/09/2004)
* New Audio ROM.

Driver Release (05/25/2004)
* FM Audio works.
* Front Panel Audio Inputs work.

Driver Release (05/20/2004)
* First Release.
* Crossbar exposes 2 Svideos and 2 Composites however only the 1st of each work.  Next release will implement
  the others.
* FM Radio not supported.
* This release does not install Copy Protection or TVRatings components.

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