QTUSBPT2.INF Driver File Contents (usb720.zip)

;Child port installation file for Quatech USB multiport serial devices
;Copyright (c) 2001-2007 Quatech, Incorporated
;  DSU-100
;  DSU-200/300
;  QSU-100
;  QSU-200/300
;  SSU-100
;  ESU-100
;  ESU-200/300
;  HSU-100
;  HSU-200/300
;  DSU2-100
;  DSU2-400
;  QSU2-100
;  QSU2-400
;  ESU2-100
;  ESU2-400
;  SSU2-100
;  SSU2-400 (future)

signature="$WINDOWS NT$"

; Class "Ports" Section
; If there are builtin serial ports on the computer, Windows will have already
; installed this class.  This section guards against the possibility that the
; class isn't already present.  We use the standard msports.dll class installer DLL.
; Manufacturer Section

; Manufacturer Name Section
%PortConfig.DeviceDesc%=Port, QT_USB_SERIAL


; Files sections

1 = %DiskName%,,,""

qtucomco.dll = 1,,

;Windows 2000 --- DLLs go to the system directory (11).
;                 Drivers go to the system32\drivers directory (12).
DefaultDestDir      = 12
ClassDLLFilesNT     = 11

;qtucomco.dll           ;This file is copied by the box INF.

; START Windows 98 Install



; END Windows 98 Install

; START Windows 2000 Install

SyssetupPnPFlags = 1


; The serenum filter driver causes boot-time problems on some
; computers.  It is disabled by default.  If you require
; plug-and-play enumeration of serial devices such as external
; modems, remove the leading semicolons from the next five lines
; before installing the USB device.  See also the "Services" section below.

; Windows 2000 Coinstaller section



; Windows 2000 Services section

AddService = qtucompt, 0x00000002, USBToSerialPortService

; To enable serenum (see above), remove the leading semicolons
; from the next two lines before installing the SDS.
;Include = msports.inf
;Needs = SerialEnumerator.NT.Services

DisplayName    = %qt2kusbp.SVCDESC%
ServiceType     = 1             ; SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER
StartType       = 3             ; SERVICE_DEMAND_START
ErrorControl    = 1             ; SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL
ServiceBinary  = %12%\qtucompt.sys

; END Windows 2000 Install

; Strings section

Provider="Quatech, Incorporated"
DiskName="USB-To-Serial Adapters Drivers"

PortConfig.DeviceDesc="USB Serial Port"
qt2kusbp.SVCDESC="USB-to-Serial Port Driver"
PortsClassName = "Ports (COM & LPT)"
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