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               SiS 191/190 PCI Gigabit high speed Ethernet Adapter 
			for NDIS Driver

(1) Introduction
    These driver programs comply with Microsoft's NDIS v2.0.1

(2) Rrelease Version
sis190.dos : v0.43

(3) Optional Parameters

    MEDIATYPE      - This parameter specifies the media type currently used.
                     If MEDIATYPE does not specified, it will auto detect the
                     media type.

                     Parameters List:
                       AUTO       -- Auto-select media type.
                       UTP        -- 10BaseT half duplex mode.
                       UTPFULL    -- 10BaseT full duplex mode.
                       FAST       -- 100BaseT half duplex mode.
                       FASTFULL   -- 100BaseT full duplex mode.

***************************** Copyright Notice *********************************

Copyright c 2007  Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation. All right reserved. 
This driver is licensed to you for the sole purpose as to use with the product(s) of Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. ("SiS").  Any reproduction or redistribution of this deriver is expressly prohibited. 
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