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                    3Com U.S. Robotics CONNECTIONS CD-ROM
                              version 5.3A

CONNECTIONS must be viewed with either Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and
above, or Netscape Navigator 3.01 and above.


To best use your CONNECTIONS CD-ROM, you should be aware of the
following issues:

*  Always make sure the CONNECTIONS CD is in your CD-ROM drive before
   attempting to launch CONNECTIONS.

*  Please set your color display to 16-bit color or better. At lower
   color depths, some of CONNECTIONS' features may not run properly.
   In Windows 95, you can change your color depth from the Start bar
   by selecting "Settings," then "Control Panels," then "Display."
   Click on the "Settings" tab and adjust to either "16-bit" or

*  Netscape users: After installing CONNECTIONS, you might need to adjust
   your view settings back. Simply start Netscape, go to 'View' and click
   'Show Navigation Toolbar', then 'Show Location Toolbar.' This should
   bring any buttons to the url address box back. Depending which
   resolution you're running, the Netscape window might not load at full
   view. Click on the maximize window button at the top right corner
   (shaped like a square, in-between the _minimize button and X close
   button) to run at full screen mode.

*  If you are having difficulty using the Adobe Acrobat reader to
   view the modem User Guides within CONNECTIONS: quit CONNECTIONS,
   open the Acrobat Reader as a standalone application, and open
   the appropriate user guide .PDF file from Acrobat's File menu.
   The User Guide files and their locations on the CD are:

   56K Winmodem (English)		\CONTENT\MANUALS\56kmodem\winmod56.pdf
   56K Faxmodem Internal (English)	\CONTENT\MANUALS\56kmodem\faxmod56.pdf
   56K Faxmodem External (English)	\CONTENT\MANUALS\56kmodem\faxmod56.pdf
   56K Voice Faxmodem (English)	\CONTENT\MANUALS\56kmodem\vocmod56.pdf
   56K Pro Message Modem		\CONTENT\MANUALS\56kmodem\apromm56.pdf
   56K Message Modem (Australia)  	\CONTENT\MANUALS\56kmodem\amesm56.pdf
   56K Faxmodem (China)	 	\CONTENT\MANUALS\56kmodem\cfaxmd56.pdf
   56K Voice Faxmodem (China)	\CONTENT\MANUALS\56kmodem\cvocmd56.pdf

   Technical Reference Guide
   For all modems	\CONTENT\MANUALS\Tecref\Techref.pdf

*  Koren Language, Windows 3.1x, 95, 98 and NT: Software runs slower in these 
   operating systems, since there are 1 bit-to-2 bit and 2-bit-to-1 bit text
   conversions. Some software may actually finish installing, yet display the 
   status bar as 100%. 

*  If you find any references to a program called Modem Station in a user manual, 
   please disregard. Instead try installing the 3Com Modem Manager program found 
   in Software/Productivity & Utilities and Customer Support/Modem Software.

*  Windows 3.1 and Internet Explorer 4.01: If you see a "WINDOWS ONLY"
   message for some products on the CONNECTIONS CD, follow these simple
   -If you're running CONNECTIONS, exit the program.
   -Go to the 'Program Manager' and open Internet Explorer 4.01, then close it.
   -Go back and run CONNECTIONS again. The "INSTALL SOFTWARE" button should
    now be available for all the programs that work with Windows 3.1.

*  Netscape 4.04 in Windows 3.1x: If you're running this version of Netscape
   in the Windows 3.1x OS, you may experience general protection errors when
   you exit, and errors installing software off CONNECTIONS. We advise you to
   upgrade to Netscape 4.05, or Internet Explorer 4.01 which are both included
   on the CONNECTIONS CD for free.

*  If your browser is not running in kiosk mode (has the buttons and web 
   address area at the top), we recommend your resolution to be set to 800x600
   or higher. Go into: Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display and Settings.
   Within this area is a box labeled 'Display area'. Move the bar to the right
   so it's at least 800x600, click 'Apply' and 'OK'. After rebooting, you'll
   be able to see more of the Connections interface. 

*  If you've installed a program that doesn't uninstall completely, please check
   the individual company's website for updates and support to their product,
   or contact them directly. Programs that leave desktop shortcuts can be easily
   dragged into the recycling bin to be deleted.

*  When web browsing on the Internet, be aware there may be security issues to 
   consider. We recommend checking for security updates and patches for Netscape
   and Internet Explorer regularly. You'll find updates to Netscape at:
   Internet Explorer updates can be found at:

*  Before calling tech support, you might want to check the readme files for 
   Netscape or Internet Explorer, along with their on-line sources. For 
   Netscape 4.06 in Windows 3.1x, you can go to their web site of known issues 
   For Internet Explorer 4.01 in Windows 3.1x, you can get information through 
   their dedicated newsgroup:

*  Support info: 

   Support Center: 1800 628 324
   BBS: + 61 3 9278 8300

   New Zealand:
   Support: 64 3 365 3627 or 0800 USR HELP
   BBS: 64 3 365 2792

   International Toll Free Numbers - ITFS:
   Philippines: 1800 1 651 0215 
   China: 10800 650 5108 
   Indonesia: 001 803 65 7402 
   Thailand: 001 800 65 6252 
   South Korea: 00798 651 7135 or (02)3455-6466 (redirection number) 
   Malaysia: 1800 80 1554 
   Taiwan: 0080 65 1349 
   Hong Kong: 800 90 3191 
   Singapore: 65 784 9910 
   Please take note, in China, Indonesia and Thailand the ITFS numbers are 
   available only from phones with IDD facility.
   China Mannual Toll Free (MTF):
   Dial the Singapore direct toll-free number:  108-657

   The call will be routed to an operator.  Please quote MTF followed by 
   585 5108.

   China Enhance International Toll Free (ETF):
   The caller will have to do the following when using ETF:

   Dial the Singapore direct toll-free number 108-650 
   At the voice prompt, enter 2 for international toll-free service 
   Enter the telephone number: 585 5108 
   Call will be connected 
   The ETF is applicable to phones with touch tone facility. If a non-
   touch-tone phone is used, the call will be routed to an operator and be 
   connected as a MTF (Manual Toll-Free) call. In this case, the caller has  
   to inform the operator that it is a MTF call followed by 585 5108 for call 

   India Enhance Toll Free (ETF):
   (available only from phones with IDD facility)

   The caller will have to do the following when using ETF: 

   Dial the Singapore direct toll-free number 000-6517 
   At the voice prompt, enter 2 for international toll-free service 
   Enter the telephone number, 585 5109 
   Call will be connected 

   Japan Support Center:
   Phone: 03 3375 4356
   Fax: 03 3375 7356  
   Available Monday through Friday 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 
   (except New Year's and major holidays)
Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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