cnx1035m.inf Driver File Contents (

;  HCF  DataFaxSpeakerphoneVoice/PCI/WIN9X  Mother INF

Author            = "Conexant"                        ;Used to make filename in \INF\OTHER
Mfg               = "Conexant Systems"
PCIFriendlyName   = "Conexant PCI Modem Enumerator"
ModemShortName    = "Conexant HCF 56K PCI Modem"
WINDiskName       = "WINDOWS Installation Disk"       ;Diskette LABEL
UIDIR             = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Conexant HCF 56K Modem"
PCIModemID        = PCI\CNX1035

%PCIFriendlyName% = ModemPORT, PCI\VEN_14F1&DEV_1035&SUBSYS_103514F1&REV_08
%PCIFriendlyName% = ModemPORT, PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_1035&SUBSYS_1035127A&REV_08

signature         = "$CHICAGO$"
provider          = %Author%
Class             = HCFMODEM

%Mfg%             = HCF_MODEM

AddReg            = Standard_AddReg,Uninstall_AddReg,Filename_AddReg
CopyFiles         = HCFCopyFiles,HCFCopyInf


HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",hcfpnp.vxd,,"hcfpnp.vxd"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",dpal.vxd,,"dpal.vxd"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",Win95AC.vxd,,"Win95AC.vxd"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",rokkmosd.vxd,,"rokkmosd.vxd"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",rokv42.vxd,,"rokv42.vxd"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",hcfcsa.dll,,"hcfcsa.dll"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",hcfcsa32.dll,,"hcfcsa32.dll"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",hcfreadr.dll,,"hcfreadr.dll"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",turbovbf.vxd,,"turbovbf.vxd"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",turbovcd.vxd,,"turbovcd.vxd"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\VXDDLL",cnx1035.cty,,"cnx1035.cty"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\INF",   cnx1035.inf,,"cnx1035.inf"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\INF",   cnx1035.pnf,,"cnx1035.pnf"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\INF",   cnx1035m.inf,,"cnx1035m.inf"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\INF",   cnx1035w.inf,,"cnx1035w.inf"
HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Conexant\Conexant HCF 56K Modem\Files\OTHER", Conexantcnx1035m.inf,,"Conexantcnx1035m.inf"

[Uninstall_AddReg] ;for inf deinstaller -xz
HKLM, %UIDIR%, DisplayName,, "Conexant HCF 56K Modem"
HKLM, %UIDIR%, UninstallString,, "infunist.exe"


hcfpnp.vxd, hcfpnp.vx_
dpal.vxd, dpal.vx_
win95ac.vxd, win95ac.vx_
rokkmosd.vxd, rokkmosd.vx_
rokv42.vxd, rokv42.vx_
hcfcsa.dll, hcfcsa.dl_
hcfcsa32.dll, hcfcsa32.dl_
hcfreadr.dll, hcfreadr.dl_
turbovbf.vxd, turbovbf.vx_
turbovcd.vxd, turbovcd.vx_
infunist.exe, infunist.ex_

DefaultDestDir    = 11
HCFCopyFiles      = 11
HCFCopyInf        = 17


hcfpnp.vxd        = 1
dpal.vxd          = 1
Win95AC.vxd       = 1
rokkmosd.vxd      = 1
rokv42.vxd        = 1
hcfcsa.dll        = 1
hcfcsa32.dll      = 1
hcfreadr.dll      = 1
turbovbf.vxd      = 1
turbovcd.vxd      = 1
infunist.exe      = 1
cnx1035m.inf      = 1
cnx1035.inf       = 1
cnx1035w.inf      = 1
cnx1035.cty       = 1

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