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	| README file for
        | ELSA Windows 95 single- and multiboard driver, ver 4.03.2113
        | 	WINNER 3000-L
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        | 01/12/97, GBorgs


	1. Overview
	2. Contents
	3. Installation
	4. History
	5. Release Notes
	6. Known Bugs and Operating Notes


1.      Overview

        This disk contains the ELSA WINNER 3000-M/-L Display Driver for
        Microsoft Windows 95.

	The drivers support 256, 32768 and 16 Million colors in all
        resolutions available on used ELSA WINNER 3000-M/-L board.

        For the WINNER 3000-M/-L there is the multiple screen driver
        MULTIman available. So you can display the Windows desktop on
        two or more monitors to get a bigger working place.


2.      Contents

	Almost all files are compressed, their names are slighly
	changed.  Please note that the files can NOT just be copied
	from this disk. (see installation)

	The directory contains the following files:
        The files marked with (a) are not contained on the PRO/X and
        GLoria disk. The (x)-marked files are only available on this

	DATE.DOC        file identifying the disk, prod. date, etc.
	README.TXT      the file you currently look at
	LIESMICH.TXT    german version of README
	ELSAINI.TXT     additional informations for file ELSA.INI

        EVVXDRV.DRV     display driver file
        EMMNDRV.DRV     MULTIman display driver file

        EVVXMVD.VXD     virtual mini display driver
        EMMNMVD.VXD     MULTIman virtual mini display driver

        EVVXD32.DLL     driver extension (DirectDraw/Direct3D HAL)
        EMMND32.DLL     MULTIman driver extension
                        (DirectDraw/Direct3D HAL)

        W3000ML.INF     device information file for ELSA boards
        ELSAMON1.INF    device information file for ELSA monitors
        ELSAMON2.INF    device information file for
                        ELSA MULTIman monitors

        WINMAN.DLL      WINman control panel extension
	WINMAN.MON      WINman monitor configuration file
        WINMAN.EXE      WINman help application
        WINMAN-D.CNT    WINman helpfile, german
        WINMAN-D.HLP    WINman helpfile, german
        WINMAN-E.CNT    WINman helpfile, english
        WINMAN-E.HLP    WINman helpfile, english

        ELSAGDG.EXE     Display Treiber Guardian
        ELSAGDG.HLP     Helpfile for Guardian
        ELSAGDG.CNT     Help contents file for Guardian

        SETUP.EXE       Installation assistant
        ELSASU.HLP      Helpfile for assistant

        In case of trouble during or after installation, please make
	sure you have all the files mentioned above!


3.      Installation

	This section descibes the steps to install a ELSA WINNER
        Display Driver for Windows 95.

        To install the drivers, start the program SETUP.EXE in this
        directory. The installation assistant will help you to install
        the driver with the control panel.

3.1     Install over older versions of the ELSA WINNER Driver

	- Delete in the WINDOWS\INF directory the copies of the
          older versions EW3000ML.INF (named OEM?.INF).
	- Install the original MS-S3 driver to build a new Device
	  Information Database.
	- Now follow th steps, described in section 3.2.

3.2     First installation of ELSA WINNER Display Drivers

	First install Windows 95 without special drivers for the ELSA
	WINNER graphics board. The installation procedure should
	install a Microsoft driver for boards based on S3 chips.

	The installation of the ELSA WINNER Display Driver starts from
	the Windows desktop.

	- Start the dialog "Properties for Display" by clicking right
	  mouse button on the desktop or per Control Panel.
	- Select the Property Page "Settings"
	- Push the button "Change Display Type...". A dialog "Change
	  Display Type" will pop up.
	- Push the button "Change..." inside the frame "Adapter Type".
	  You will see the "Select Device" dialog.
	- In this dialog push the button "Have Disk..." and change to
          the WIN95 directory on the ELSAware CD for your WINNER board.
        - Select in the "Manufacturer" list ELSA WINNER Display Driver
          and in the list "Models" your WINNER board.
	- If you use an ELSA monitor, make the same procedure for
	  "Monitor Type" in the "Change Display Type" dialog.
        - Close the dialog "Change Display Type". At this time the
          screen flickers a moment. This is not a bug! Windows tries to
          find out, which graphics modes are available with this
        - Now you can select resolution and color depth in the main
          dialog "Properties for Display". For the first installation
          you should select 1024x768 and 256 colors. This configuration
          is available for all memory configurations on all ELSA
        - Close "Properties for Display" by "OK" or "Apply

	Normally you need to boot your system. Push the button "Restart

	In all following Windows sessions you can change the resolution
	without rebooting your system.

3.3.    MULTIman Installation

        The MULTIman installation occurs exact in the same way as the
        normal display drivers.

                !!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!!

        Because Windows evaluates the maximal resolution of your
        installed monitor, you normally will not have the option to
        select a high resolution in the Display Control Panel. To
        circumvent this, before you install the MULTIman, you must
        select the "MULTIman" monitor
        (.../Monitor Type/Change.../Have Disk)

        Not also to have plugged in ALL graphics boards, you want to
        use with MULTIman, before you install the MULTIman driver.
        If you want to remove one additional board, FIRST select a
        normal driver.


4.      Revision History

	This section describes changes to the previous releases of this

        Version 4.03.2113:
        - first release.


5.      Release notes

5.1     ELSA.INI entries

	The working mode of the driver can manipulate by entries in the
	file ELSA.INI. Normally you will need to reboot your machine to
	mak this settings working. In later releases ELSA will
	distribute a tool change working paramters more easy.

	The following table shows the meaning of this entries:

	Section [Settings]


		With this two entries you can change the color of the
		hardware cursor. The format is:
		at which rr, gg and bb are the hexadecimal values in
                the range 00 to FF of the base color components.
                You must specify ColorCursor=1 to make this working!

        Using Offscreen (only single board)
		Setting this value to 0, the bitmap- cache will be

	Section [Hardware]


		In few resolution/color combinations on some S3-based
		graphic boards the hardware cursor doesn't work. In
		this cases you can force the usage of a software cursor
		by inserting the line
		in your ELSA.INI file.
		This affects WINNER 1000 ISA/EISA, VL and PCI.

5.2.    DirectDraw support

        The display drivers do support DirectDraw, but to use it in an
        application, you must install DirectDraw. The Microsoft
        DirectDraw components are not included in the standard retail
        version of Windows 95.

        To install DirectDraw start the program DXSETUP ind the
        directory \ELSAWARE\DDRAW\DIRECTX on the ELSA CD


6.      Known Bugs and Operating Notes

	This section documents known anomalies or problems and gives
	hints on work arounds.

6.1     QuickRes 2.0 and Hardware Cursor

        Now it is possible to change the current Color-resolution
        (BPP) without rebooting Windows. Microsoft QuickRes 2.0
        switches the CursorType to Software when changing the
        color resolution. You can switch back to Hardware Cursor with
        "Properties for Mouse". Click Motion/Trail "on" and "off".

6.2     Unknown and PnP-monitors

        If you don't have selected a Monitor or you have a PnP (DDC1)
        Monitor, in all graphics modes the default refresh rate is
        60Hz. The DDC case is becaus a bug in Windows DDC support
        You can change to a higher refresh rate with the control panel
        extemsion WINman. WINman, unlike Windows, can evaluate the
        monitor information provaided by DDC exact.


7.      Notes for the multiple screen driver MULTIman

7.1.    Software cursors

        Usage of software cursors (Mouse Trails or Color Pointers)
        may cause screen corruption. Please use hardware cursor when
        ever possible.

7.2.    MULTIman and DirectX

        Usage of MULTIman and DirectX has the following restrictions:

        - DirectDraw and Direct3D available only on the "first" (the
          BOOT- or the Full-Screen-DOS-) screen.

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