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win2k,xp Display Driver:  5.00.2195.0232 - 3dfx
win2k,xp Miniport: 	 - 3dhq
Glide(tm) 3.X Driver:  -
Glide(tm) 2.X Driver:      - Colourless
OpenGL(r) Driver Version: ICD - 3dfx
3dfx TV Capture Drivers v3.10.05Beta Included (Modified - tested functional by NxTC)

This is a result of many people's contribution of 
technical knowledge and hard work. If you intend to
distribute this kit, please do not modify or edit 
any of its contents.
Thanks goes to all the project 
members, Colourless for their great Glide drivers.
And special thanks to all beta testers!!

Sport        <>
Amigamerlin  <>
Daniel Borca <>
Glide        <>
KoolSmoky    <>

1. Uninstall your previous driver and 3dfxToolkit
2. Run "Driver Setup.exe" in the extracted directory.
3. Restart your system.
4. Run "setup.exe" and follow the instructions
5. Restart your system.

To list a few of the changes;

New GLide and OpenGL driver

Clone Option for TV-OUT (For Voodoo3 with TV-OUT)

Fixed so that the original 3dfx Glide driver will work
with out any hacks for winxp.

116 TV-Channels for PAL (and SECAM?) card(s) (Stored on "Voodoo3 3500TV Misc" folder)

Added Experimental Support for NTSC to PAL-M and PAL-N


- The capture video in Visual Reality continue not to work. 
  For the capture video you can use the VirtualDub software, 
  Windows Movie Maker and Ulead Video Studio 6.0 use the hardware MPEG compression.

  You can run the automatic scansion, but you must to down from 1.000 to 1.250 Hz 
  in all the channels

- To work standard PAL-N or PAL-M with a Voodoo3 3500TV-NTSC, you must run the interest patch
  included in the directory "Voodoo3 3500TV Misc". ATTENTION! The uncorrect use obligates 
  to you to eliminate your installed VisualReality and drivers and to install it newly 


- The limit of the 10 channels is easy solvable. 
  In Visual Reality select CABLE or another Country that use your same TV-Standard
  (For example choose Germany instead of Italy and now you have all the channels!)

- I cannot make patch for all frequencies standard-TV but you can modify the registry-file 
  (channels.reg) included. Put your country that it finds opening "regedit" in 
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\3dfx Interactive\VisualReality\TV\Channel Info] rather than 
  "Italia" and joins. 
  For the others that do not have a familiarity with the Windows-registry they can manually 
  put on 3dfx TV the channels included in the file "channels.txt". 
  Use the tuning of precision for regulating your frequency


For more information, visit the forums at

Information regarding Glide can be found at

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