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Twinhan DVB-S support utility for Microsoft MediaCenter 2005 (MCE2005)

   Microsoft's MCE2005 supports only DVB-T, and the utility provides a pseudo BDA DVB-T filter
   interface which transfers DVB-S streams to DVB-T, so as to enable Twinhan's DVB-S cards in 

   Driver install, 
	   7021A USB              :install BDA driver v1.0.2.3 or later
	   878 PCI DVB-S          :install BDA driver or later
	   Mantis/Hopper PCI DVB-S:install BDA driver or later

   After BDA driver installed, please run THSetup4MCE.exe.
   THSetup4MCE.exe will copy all the required files to \Program Files\DVBS4MCE.
   A registry key will be added,
     "DVB-S for MCE"="D:\\Program Files\\DVBS4MCE\\DVBS4MCE.EXE"
   With this registry key, Twinhan's MCE utility will be launched automatically everytime 
   when system is reboot.

   1.Please click the ICON "MCE Virtual DVBT" on the task bar to pop up the console window.
   2.Select BDA Filter "DTV-DVB UDST7020BDA DVB-S Receiver" for 7021,
                       "DTV-DVBS 878 Digital Tuner Filter"  for 878 PCI, or
                       "DTV-DVB Mantis DVBS BDA Receiver"  for Mantis/Hopper PCI.
   3.Check "Enable DVB-T Emulator".
     Note: If this is the first time to enable it, please reboot your system after "Apply" pressed.
   4.Select the Satellite name from the list and set LNB/DiSEqC configuration properly.
   5.Run MCE, and select TV Configuration
   6.While configuring TV signale, please select the country as "Germany"
   7.Follow the way to scan DVT-T programs 

   1.MCE2005 does not provide any MPEG2 decoder for playback, you should Install a proper MPEG2
     decoders (from Cyberlink, IVI, Elecard, or nVidia..)
     You may install latest PowerDVD 6 or WinDVD as well.
   2.If the folder \Encoder4MCE exists, THSetup4MCE.exe will prompt to install s/w encoder filters 
     for analog TV tuner card. Currently, Twinhan's 3250(ATSC+NTSC)'s, 3054(DVB-T+PAL/Secam)'s,
     7240(ATSC+NTSC)'s analog TV can be well supported in MCE2005 with s/w A/V encoder installed.

Known issue and limitation,
   1. Support only 878 BDA , 7021A and Mantis/Hopper series.
   2. Can support only one device

Revision History:
20060409 v1.1.0.8
1. Fix AP crashes when double click repeatedly
20060117 v1.1
1. Support RC configuration for Twinhan's remote controller, different mappings for various applications
   are supported.
2. Option to select transponder list.
20060117 v1.0
1. Suppress second instance launch of DVBS4MCE.EXE 
2. When THSetup4MCE.exe is launched and DVBS4MCE.EXE is running, quit DVBS4MCE.EXE.
3. Fix auto run registry not set
Retrieve the "Program files" folder path from the system
Removing the message "last time device not found", when the previous device is not detected
Fix After disable/enable, mapping table is not set
Add 878 PCI support
First release for 7021A


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