MCECIConsole.txt Driver File Contents (

Twinhan CI (Common interface) support utility for Microsoft MediaCenter 2005 (MCE2005)

   Microsoft's MCE2005 supports only FTA (Free To Air) channels, and this utility can enable CI
   interface, so as to decrypt scrambled programs in MCE2005.

   Device supported: Mantis PCI series, VP-1034, VP-3030.
                     878 PCI series, VP-1030, VP-1032, VP-3040.

   Driver install, 
	   Mantis PCI:install BDA driver or later
	   878 PCI   :install BDA driver or later

   Note: In case you are installing Mantis DVB-S CI card(VP-1034) in MCE2005, please refer to
        readme4MCE.txt in \MCESupportPackage to enable DVB-S support in MCE2005, 

  Assumed that channel scan is done in MCE, 
  1.Run MCE and add scrambled programs to the program list,
    Check all the scrambled channels in  Settings->TV->Guide->Edit Channels.
    Note: By default, MCE does not check the scrambled programs when scanning channels.
  2.Launch MCECIConsole.exe
  3.Please click the ICON "MCE CI Console" on the task bar to pop up the console window.
  4.Optional to enable "AutoRun on start". If it's enabled, the console will be launched automatically
    on Windows start.
  5.Try to play a scrambled channel in MCE, said "Program ABC".
  6.Initialize CAM to decrypt the channel, 
    6.1 If it's DVB-T program with LCN (Logical Channel Number), MCECIConsole will start to decrypt 
        it  automatically.
    6.2 If it's a DVB-S or non-LCN program, please pop up MCECIConsole window, and double click on 
        "Program ABC" in the channel list to decrypt  it. 
    It takes about 3-5 seconds for CAM initialization, then MCE should start to play "Program ABC".

Known issue and limitation:
CI menu is not supported yet.

Revision History:

2006/04/07 v1.0.0.5
1. Fix a "Desramble all channels" function bug after re-disable/eanble it.

2006/03/30 v1.0.0.4
1. Remove autorun key in registry when autorun item is disabled.

2006/03/21 v1.0.0.3
1. Add "Desramble all channels" function.
2. Add CI Menu (MMI).

2006/03/03 v1.0.0.2
Add 878 PCI support

2006/03/03 v1.0
First release  

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