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                          Connectivity Pack


In addition to the software disks, the Connectivity Pack contains a serial
cable, a cable adapter, and a manual.

 * The serial cable has a 4-pin end that attaches to the HP 95LX and a
   9-pin end that attaches to a serial port on a PC.

 * The 9-pin to 25-pin adapter is provided in case the serial port on your
   PC requires a 25-pin connector.

 * The User's Guide covers how to use the applications and utilities
   contained on the disks.

The disks contain an installation program and the following software for
your PC:

 * These HP 95LX applications:
     - The Filer
     - The Appointment Book
     - The Phone Book
     - The Memo Editor
     - The Setup Utility
     - The Translate Utility
     - The Financial Calculator

 * The Merge Utility, which enables you to combine two appointment books
   or phone books into one.

 * The DOS Connect program, which gives you the ability to access HP 95LX
   files as though they were on your PC. (DOS Connect is a trademark of
   Traveling Software, Inc.)


To use the Connectivity Pack you'll need an IBM PC or compatible computer

 * A 5.25-inch (360 KB or 1.2 MB) flexible disk drive, or
   a 3.5-inch (720 KB or 1.44 MB) flexible disk drive.

 * A hard disk drive.

 * MS-DOS operating system, version 3.1 or later.

You'll need these additional items to connect an HP 95LX to the PC:

 * Serial port on the PC.

 * Serial cable and adapter (included with the Connectivity Pack).


Follow these steps to install the Connectivity Pack software onto your
hard disk.

 1. Make sure the PC is on and MS-DOS is active.

 2. Find Disk 1 for the Connectivity Pack and insert it into flexible
    disk drive A (usually the upper drive).  Choose the disk size that
    fits your drive.

 3. Type

        a: [ENTER]
        install [ENTER]

    This makes drive A the active drive and starts the installation
    process.  Follow the instructions on the screen.  The predefined
    answers are usually the ones you want.

 4. When the installation is finished, remove the last disk from drive A.

 5. Hold down [Ctrl] and [Alt] and press [Del] to restart the PC (or
    turn it off and on).  This activates the changes that were made.


Follow these steps to connect your HP 95LX to your PC's serial port:

 1. Find the serial port on the PC--it's either a 9-pin or 25-pin
    connector.  If you have more than one serial port, it's simplest
    to use COM1, though you can use COM2.

 2. If you're using a 25-pin serial port, attach the 25-pin adapter to
    the serial cable.  (If you're using a 9-pin port, don't use the

 3. Plug the cable into the PC's serial port.

 4. Plug the cable into the HP 95LX serial port--the 4-pin connector on
    the right side of the case.

To preserve battery life you should unplug the cable from the HP 95LX when
you're not transferring files or using DOS Connect, or, better yet, use an
ac adapter with the HP 95LX.

See the Connectivity Pack User's Guide for how to start and use the

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