theUninstallFile.txt Driver File Contents (

Dir1=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\
Dir2=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\Saved Jams\
Dir3=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\
Reg5=-2147483647\Software\GameHouse\Tap a Jam\SHOWLINK
Reg6=-2147483647\Software\GameHouse\Tap a Jam\FULLSCREEN
Reg7=-2147483647\Software\GameHouse\Tap a Jam\MOREMUSIC
File1=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\generic.spc
File2=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\launch.ini
File3=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\license.txt
File4=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\loading.jpg
File5=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\readme.txt
File6=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\setup.ini
File7=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\1812 overture (11).mod
File8=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\alphabet soup (2).mod
File9=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\baa baa blacksheep (2).mod
File10=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\bach's fugue (12).mod
File11=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\blue danube (5).mod
File12=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\camptown races (3).mod
File13=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\canon in d (1).mod
File14=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\carol of the bells (16).mod
File15=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\chopin's waltz (12).mod
File16=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\chopsticks (12).mod
File17=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\dance of the reed pipes (8).mod
File18=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\dance of the swans (9).mod
File19=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\eine kleine master (11).mod
File20=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\entertainer (6).mod
File21=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\finger soul food (3).mod
File22=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\flight of the bumble bee (3).mod
File23=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\fur elise (4).mod
File24=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\get tappin'  (4).mod
File25=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\habanera (4).mod
File26=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\hall of the mountain king (10).mod
File27=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\minuet (1).mod
File28=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\minute waltz (6).mod
File29=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\moonlight sonata (5).mod
File30=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\ode to joy (7).mod
File31=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\oh susanna (2).mod
File32=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\pomp & circumstance (12).mod
File33=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\prelude in c (10).mod
File34=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\ronda alla turca (9).mod
File35=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\simon says brown sound (5).mod
File36=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\simon says disco fingers (5).mod
File37=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\simon says drum battle (5).mod
File38=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\sugar plum (6).mod
File39=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\tap a jam tutorial (0).mod
File40=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\toccata & fugue (15).mod
File41=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\songs\william tell master (6).mod
File42=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\tapajam.exe
File43=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\tapajamres.dll
File44=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\version.txt
File45=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\vorbis.dll
File46=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\vorbis.txt
File47=c:\My Games\Super Tap a Jam\setup.ini
File48=C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Start Menu\Programs\Real\Games\Super Tap a Jam.lnk
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