a6000cplusreadme.txt Driver File Contents (a6000cplusxp.zip)

Since Artec does not provide Windows XP drivers for it's
older scanners and the instructions they provided for XP compatibility 
did not work for me, I had to try various combinations until I found
one that worked. I have gathered all of the necessary DLL's and associated files
necessary in this unzipped file. I hope this works for you too!


Step 1. Uninstall any previous A6000C Plus Drivers if any.
(Open Device manager, locate any A60000C+ devices and uninstall them)

Step 2. Make sure your scanner is turned on and connected to your SCSI port on your 
computer. Make sure the scanner LCD screen says "Ready To Scan"

Find the Setup.exe file in your unzipped files
(Usually in C:\unzipped\a6000cplusxp\a6000cplus)
Right Click the Setup.exe file
Click on Properties
Click the Compatibility Tab
Put a check by the "Run this program in compatibilty mode for:"
Select "Windows 2000" from the drop down menu
Click "OK"

Step 4. Double click the Setup.exe file

Step 5. Restart your computer (Click "Start", "Turn Off Computer", "Restart") Log on if necessary.

Step 6. Your computer should detect your scanner and bring up a "Found New Hardware Wizard" screen.
Choose "Install the software automatically (Recommended)"
Click "Next". If it brings up a screen with "Continue Anyway" or "Stop Installation", Click "Continue Anyway"

Step 7. It will bring up a "Files Needed" screen. Click the "Browse" button and locate the a6000plusxp folder
in your unzipped files (THis is usually located at C:\unzipped\a6000cplusxp)
Click "Open", then "OK", then "Finish"
I'm not sure why, but this process repeats itself as many as eight times
Just repeat steps 6 and 7 until it doesn't ask you to anymore.

Step 8. IMPORTANT: Locate the CTL3D.DLL file in your unzipped folder and copy it to C:\Windows\System

Step 9. Locate the Scantools.exe file in your unzipped files
(Double click the a6000cplusxp folder, then double click the a6000cplus folder,
then double click the Scantools folder)

Step 10. Find and double click the Scantools.exe file, Scantool should open with it's logo.

Step 11. Click on the scantools screen, the Scantool logo should disappear.

Step 12. Click "Scan" on the top menu

Step 13. Click "Select Source" Make sure "Viewstation A6KC_Plus" is present and
highlight it is if not already highlighted. Click "Select"

Step 14. Click "Scan" on the top menu, click "Aquire", you should hear the scanner
start warming up and a "Calibriting" message appear, then the Viewstation interface appears.

Step 15. Try a test scan to make sure it is working properly. If it works, that's it, You're done!
Use your scanner as normal and enjoy!

Notes: You can make shortcuts to the Scantool.exe file by right clicking on it and select
"Send To" Then select "Desktop" for easier access.
You may also copy the entire Scantools folder to a more convenient place such as the Program Files folder

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