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PL-2515 EzRecover Tool v2.0.0.3
Release Date: 09/18/2003

WARNING!!! Read the following first before attempting to use this tool. 

0. EzRecover is the supplemental tool to restore Prolific USB flash disk to the factory default configuration. 
    0.1 factory configuration data might have been damaged due to the reason we haven't perceived, which resulted
           0.1.1 PHY BLK 0 failure* - device is in the "security on" mode, that is "security device driver" needed while attach to Windows system.
           0.1.2 Boot sector damaged - device is in the "storage device" but the disk cannot be accessed successfully including format/read/write operations.
           * PHY BLK 0 failure is one of the phenomenon observed while security device occurs.
1. EzRecover is the redistributable tool  
    1.1 intending to reduce the loading of customer service, especially the RMA loading.
    1.2 a restrictive, and passive tool to rescue the device emergently.
    1.3 not an optional utility for all users. 
2. EzRecover is designed not intending to sustain any stored data, including configuration data, boot sector, and user's data.
    Erasing data is a must process, especially concerning:
    2.1 the data security, when there is password protected partition existing.
    2.2 the data integrity, data integrity can not be guaranteed after reconfigured.
    2.3 reconstruct the boot sector, including FAT which will result all stored data lose.
3. EzRecover will be built upon individual customer request and with specific EEP file embedded. This version is for reconfiguring Prolific factory default configuration only. (Would support only the Prolific USB Flash Disk Utility program afterwards)

Supported Controller:
. PL-2515 B controller*
. PL-2515 C/D controller.
* If the Boot sector being damaged and the storage device observed for B controller, EzRecover can not heal it, unless to turn on the security pin on PCB.

Performed Task:
0. Erasing all blocks of flash memory 
1. Configuring device according to the EEP file
2. Formatting flash disk 
3. Verifying flash disk configuration
0. Windows driver for PL security device.
1. Windows driver for PL Storage device, for Windows 98SE.
2. Flash Disk Recovery.

Limited Warranty:
0. Limited warranty is committed for this tool and this product, which shall not include the data integrality.

Prolific Technology Inc. 
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