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Diamond Viper V330 Series Windows 95 Drivers with InControl Tools 95

Release Notes
This is the Diamond Viper V330 Series Windows 95 Display Drivers
with InControl Tools 95 version

Installation Notes
These drivers require DirectX 5 to support Direct Draw and Direct3D

Issues Addressed/Features Added
The Cursor that was disappearing in Gpolice now does not.  Cursor was being
forced to be reloaded after mode and state changes - now preserved.

Compatibility Problems with Quadrant International's DVD player/navigator have
been corrected.  High bit/byte of overlay rect is now preserved when being
repainted after operations like menu activation and clip due to window layering.

Compaq PETs:
- 110378:  Video Modes out of spec.
- 112142:  non-VESA timing modes
GTF style timings have been replaced with VESA 2.0 DMT style timings.
- 110827:  Mystery screen saver showed a black line along the bottom
Clip rect now checked against both the screen rect and bitmap bounds.

- 110950:  Dragging a DOS loop across a windowed FoxBear, causes hang.
Draw/Free operations now synchronized for offscreen objects.

- 110951:  AM failed above 1024x768, even though DX5 reports support for 1
Capability added.

- 110991:  Unable to set 1600x1200 on Qvision 210 Monitor, only 1280
Driver now reads both EDID and .inf file to determine minimax settings for

- 111218:  Screen saver activates when playing a movie full-screen
Driver detects condition and prevents activation of screen saver.

- 111219:  Video and V-sync signals stay on in S1 mode; neither H nor V sync
drop in S2.
- 111220:  After LP standby with windowed movies playing and focus at desktop,
system will not recover.
- 111221:  After shut-off monitor state entered, with windowed movies playing
and desktop in focus, system will not recover
PnP CONFIG_APM messages now handled.

- 111964:  GDI acceleration was mentioned in Windows help file.
Reference to GDI acceleration has been removed.

- 111965:  It was uncertain which uninstall option to use.
Only one choice presented now - it uninstalls all compents (except the driver
of course).

- 112143:  When rebooting after unattended install, the ICT wizard appears.
Installer switch /u now defeats the subsequent activation of this wizard.

Known Limitations

The NVidia Riva 128 chip used on the Diamond Viper V330 requires an IRQ to
function correctly.  If no IRQ has been assigned to the card by the motherboard
BIOS you may experience symptoms such as windows not booting, or extremely poor 
performance. The symptoms mostly involve error messages such as "While
initializing device, VDD.  Windows Protection Error.  You must restart your
computer."  and "While initializing device, NVRM.  Windows Protection Error.
You must restart your computer."  Some motherboard BIOS' allow for an option to
"Assign IRQ for VGA".  Often times the latest BIOS will also resolve this
problem.  To correct the problem: Boot into the BIOS setup; Look for an option
to enable IRQ for VGA (may be in chipset features or PnP configuration) and set
it to enabled or on; Reboot the system and it should bypass the error.  For
further information please contact your motherboard manufacturer.

When running the DXSETUP.EXE program (which comes with Microsoft's DirectX 
application), the version of the Primary Display Driver will incorrectly be 
displayed as:  This is an issue with the DXSETUP program.
To get the correct driver information, run the DXINFO.EXE program from within
the same directory that DXSETUP.EXE is found (on our CD the directory is 

Simultaneous output to a TV and a computer monitor is not supported.  To enable
output to a TV, disconnect the monitor cable from the Viper card, attach a TV
cable and restart your system.

Gamma page: Apply, Cancel and OK buttons do not always work as expected.

Compaq PETs
- 111217:  Duke Nukem fails to enumerate available VESA 2.0 modes.  This allows
you to select modes which are unsupported, such as 320x400.
- 112087:  Shiny Entertainment's game, MDK doesn't handle [CTRL-ESC] task
switching to the desktop properly when in D3D mode.  This can cause
Application and Illegal Operation Errors when attempting to do this.

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After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

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