MREADM_Y.txt Driver File Contents (PP1400W_English_Win2kXP.exe)

                 KONICA MINOLTA PagePro 1400W
               Utilities and Documentation CD-ROM
                          Readme V1.20


     This Readme file contains special information relating
     to the following items:

     - Application Notes
     - Connectivity
     - Printer Driver
     - Status Display


     1. Acrobat Reader 5 -- When documents are printed with
        "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size", while "Print
        as image" is not selected, they may not print correctly.
        In this case, you may use one of the following methods:
          - Select "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" and 
            "Print as Image", when printing.
          - Upgrade to Adobe Reader 6 or later.

     2. MS Internet Explorer 5.0 -- A SPOOL32 crash may
        occur when printing web pages containing Java-
        related data. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 5.5 or

     3. MS Internet Explorer 6.0 (Window 98/Me) -- A band 
        may be imaged when printing web pages containing CSS 
        (Cascading Style Sheet) Level 1 objects in HTML. 

     4. MS Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x -- Some graphics (GIF)
        may not be imaged properly.

     5. MS Word -- When you open an existing Word document,
        Word passes its default media size on to the printer
        driver rather than using the media size specified 
        for the document. 
        Therefore, if you want to scale a document defined
        for one media size to print on another media size,
        use the following procedure:

        Go to File/Page Setup and open the Page Setup dialog, 
        then close by clicking the OK button.

     6. MS Word -- In case you combine "Manual Double-sided", 
        "Collate" and "Copies (more than two)", the printing
        may not be normal.
        In this case, please set "Copies" to "1".

     7. MS Word -- In case of Network Sharing, "Combination",
        "Watermark", "Overlay", and "Manual Double-Sided" may
        not be valid.

     8. MS Excel -- The back side of "Manual Double-Sided" may
        not be printed normally.
        In this case, please select the Application's "Collate".

     9. Adobe Reader -- In case you combine "Manual Double-Sided",
        "Collate" and "Copies (more than two)", the printing may
        not be normal.
        In this case, please use Adobe Reader 7.0 or later, or
        set "Copies" to "1".


     1. USB -- If the PC is started before the printer is 
        turned on, the printer status may be offline. Please 
        unselect the "Use Printer Offline" printer setting 
        to resolve this problem (Choose Start>Settings>Printers
        [and Faxes] and then right-click on the PagePro 1400W
        printer icon).


     1. Canceling Job -- If a paper jam occurs and you have 
        canceled printing job by pushing panel button,
        the next job on the printer spooler may also get canceled.

     2. Canceling Job -- During printing the last page, you
        cannot cancel the job.

     3. Collation -- In case you print with "Manual Double-Sided"
        or "Booklet", please do not select the Application's

     4. Easy Set -- The display of Driver Set may not match
        that of "Easy Set".
        Please choose the displayed "Easy Set" again.

     5. Easy Set -- In case of Network Sharing, the items of
        Easy Setting Registration List may not be displayed

     6. Jam Recovery -- If a media jam occurs while you are
        manually duplexing the back of a sheet of paper, 
        the printer cancels the currently printing job. If 
        this occurs, you should reprint both sides. 

     7. Job order -- If a print job is canceled and other jobs
        have been spooled, the order of the other jobs may be

     8. Overlays -- Overlay files must be printed at the same
        resolution at which they were created. In other 
        words, if you create an overlay file at 600 dpi, any
        documents with which you use this overlay should 
        also be printed at 600 dpi. If you print the overlay
        at a different resolution, it is automatically
        resized and, therefore, placed incorrectly on the
        printed pages.

     9. Overlays -- Overlay files (*.prn) must be created with
        a PagePro 1400W driver. If you try to use an overlay
        file created with another driver, the file will not

    10. Overlays -- Printing a file with an overlay uses twice
        the virtual memory of regular printing. Therefore, it
        is recommended that you increase your PC's virtual
        Please refer to the OS help for how to increase the 
        virtual memory.

    11. Printer Port (Windows 98/Me) -- Do not delete the USB 
        port while the PagePro 1400W printer driver is 

    12. Zoom(Windows 98/Me) -- If the Zoom is set to over
        389%, blank page(s) may be printed. Please choose a 
        lower driver resolution or scaling percentage to 
        resolve this problem.

    13. Uninstallation -- If you uninstall the printer
        driver, you must restart the PC to complete the
        uninstallation. Otherwise, some files are locked by
        the Windows operating system and therefore cannot be

    14. Booklet Printing -- If you print a file which includes
        both Portrait and Landscape with "Booklet" on the
        Layout tab, this may cause the pages to print out of

    15. In case you use "Proof then Print", please set the
        Application's "Collation" to OFF.

    16. On some fonts, few noises may be printed with 600dpi.
        In this case, please print with 1200dpi.

    17. Network Sharing -- Please open all Server's Printer
        Properties tabs and use it after installing Printer

    18. Network Sharing -- The following functions may be unable
         to use when you use the printer in the client environment:
        - Create/Edit a custom paper
        - Overlay
        - Create a new watermark and edit (You can use the existing


     1. "Fuser Jam" message -- The Status Display displays a
        "Fuser Jam" error message if the printer's top cover 
        is opened when the printer is turned on.

     2. Printer Name Change -- When the printer's name is
        changed, you must restart your PC in order to work
        with the Status Display correctly.

     3. Restriction of use -- Status Display cannot be used in any 
        of the following cases:
        - Setting sharing configuration
        - Using in the client environment

KONICA MINOLTA is a trademark or a registered trademark of 
PagePro is a trademark or a registered trademark of 
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
All rights reserved.
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