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Beta3b-gl Update

The beta3b-gl release found in this archive is identical to the beta3b released earlier,
with the exception that a new OpenGL ICD is included that fixes a few bugs exposed by an
upcoming public Quake 3 release.

Bug fix details:

(1) Fixed a bug where multiple contexts could not render to the same drawable
(2) Fixed a bug in loading large textures (>= 2M) which would cause the
system to hang
(3) Fixed a problem in texture generation. 
(4) Fixed a problem in clipping against the top or left edges of a window
(5) Fixed a bunch of Q3 related bugs

We have also implemented a workaround for the Half Life menu bug.  If you have trouble
seeing the main menu in Half Life when running at 640x480 resolution, do the following:

  Work around: "set PageFlip=0" in environment
  or regedit: Rendition->s.w.->opengl->(dword)PageFlip=0, 
  however there's a performance penalty.  
  A more general fix is still in the works.

Another Half Life tweak:

  gl_polyoffset 16 (in the half-life console*) will 
  alleviate the z-fighting problems for decals.
  *Enable by running halflife with "-console" argument.

The following are known bugs with this driver and Quake 3:

1* Color depth switching problem:
   Changing r_colorbits from 0 (default) may cause problems on win98.

2* Wireframe's missing:
   r_showtris fails to show a majority of wireframes unless r_drawstrips 
   is enabled.

3* Powersave problems:
   Intermittent hangs when returning from powersave/suspend mode. 

4* Texture problem:
   With r_texturebits set to 32 (regardless of desktop bpp), the 
   bubble-textured wall in compliance.bsp looks bisected horizontally.

5* Context switching problem:
   Possible hang when alternating with Q3 and the desktop via alt-tab.

We are aware of these issues, but welcome feedback on these and others.
Please post your comments into the Rendition support forums found at

The beta4 driver which will feature new D3D and 2D fixes is fast approaching,
but we wanted to release these GL fixes ASAP for your Quake 3 fragging 

So frag on...

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