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MUSICMATCH MX® offers CD quality streaming, Artist ON DEMAND programming, and tons of customizable, personal radio stations. Subscribing takes about a minute. Go to the Jukebox menu Help>Online Music and sign up today!

Quickly find a Track or Artist in the Music Library. Simply click inside the Music Library, and start typing the name you're looking for. MUSICMATCH will transport you to the first match it finds. Keep typing for a more specific match. 

The MUSICMATCH Music Guide is your ticket to free MP3s, video streams and more from major record labels to independent artists. Click "Guide" in the Music Center to discover more!

CD Lookup hooks you up with Artist, Album and Track information every time you play or copy a commercial music CD. You'll always have the latest information on your favorite artist.

Auto DJ can serve up the perfect music, every time! Click Auto DJ in the Music Center to build a list of perfect music for the occasion you need.  Select from a Genre, like Rave or Trance, for a groovy dance mix, or choose a Situation, like Dinner, for that perfect dinner music. 

Give MUSICMATCH Jukebox a new look every day of the month! To change the skin (or look) of MUSICMATCH Jukebox, select the View>Skins menu to download almost 30 unique skins to try on your jukebox. Plus users have access to exclusive skins!

Right-click almost anywhere on the Player, Library or Recorder to get a quick menu of available options. 

Would you like to own the track you're currently listening to? Click the Download Track button to purchase and download a CD quality WMA file!

Sort your Music Library alphabetically by clicking on one of the available columns in the Library.  This is a fast way to find songs, artists or albums!

Shortcut keys help you move around MUSICMATCH Jukebox faster. For example, to find a track in your Music Library use the Ctrl+F keys. For a complete list of shortcut Keys, see MUSICMATCH Jukebox Help.

"Who's singing that incredible song?" Click Now Playing in the Music Center to get tons of information on the artist who is currently playing. 

mp3PRO is the ultimate in hi-fi digital sound! MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus has it now, and you can too. Enjoy your favorite music even more with increased sound quality, and decreased file size! mp3PRO reduces traditional MP3 file size by almost 50%!

Track1, Track2, Track3 ... ? If you see this while playing or recording from CD to MP3, submit your CD's information to the CD Lookup database. Next time you play or record that CD, the track information will be available to you and others in the MUSICMATCH community.

Now you can sort your Music Library by the CD cover-art associated with each track. Set up your track Tags with album-art, right click on the Library heading, and chose View by Album Art.

The Internet and MUSICMATCH Jukebox work closely together. With your Internet connection we can provide you with personalized music recommendations, automatic updates, access to CD Lookup, and much more!

What's the easiest way to tag your files? Super Tagging! Super Tagging does most of the work for you by recognizing the untagged tracks in your library and finding tags for them, automatically. Try it by clicking View/Edit Tags in the Music Center.

Now this is "High End." Volume Leveling takes a small sample of each of your tracks, and learns to play them at the same volume level to avoid those nasty, loud spikes, or quiet dips from track to track. If you ever listen to your music with headphones, this is a MUST HAVE!  

When recording from an outside source like a tape recorder or vinyl album, use Auto Song Detect. This setting is useful to detect the end of a track in order to create individual MP3 files from your LPs and tapes. For more information, see Options>Settings>Recorder.

Create small song "clips" from your music CDs to play on a website, or to email to a friend! Song clips can be as short or as long as you'd like depending on the length of the song.  For more information, go to Options>Settings>Recorder.

Did you know you can turn your Vinyl LPs and cassette tapes into MP3, WAV or Windows Media files? Use the Line-In feature to help preserve your priceless music collection. 

If you're offline and Recording a commercial music CD to MP3, you can manually enter in Artist, Album and Track information quickly! Just click in the Recorder window where you see 'artist', 'album' and 'track', type in the correct info, and your Recording is good to go!

CD quality radio? That's right! MUSICMATCH MX® has it. Subscribe to MUSICMATCH MX® and you'll enjoy CD-quality, personalized radio!  It only takes about a minute to sign up through Help menu.

If you're in the mood to let the music take control, try turning on Visualizations. You'll enjoy being mesmerized for hours with psychedelic, morphing colors. Start Visualizations by right-clicking in the Media Window.

If you'd like constant access to your music while running other applications at the same time, choose Always On Top from the View menu. This will keep MUSICMATCH Jukebox at the front of your screen at all times.  

Did you register your Jukebox and then lose your key? We make it easy for you to obtain another by clicking on the Help>Registration>Retrieve Lost Key menu. Your browser will launch, ask for some basic info, and a new key will be given to you right away.

You say you want to wake up to your favorite Playlist? Well now you can! Right click on the MUSICMATCH icon in the system tray, choose Alarm Settings, and build a playlist.  You can then designate when your alarm will wake you!

When you Register MUSICMATCH Jukebox you'll get some cool added features such as a 10 band graphic equalizer, the ability to print jewel case inserts, and more! Go to the Help menu and select Purchase Upgrade to register today.

TO create a music CD, first create a playlist, or load one you've already created, click the Burn button on the Playlist, then click the Burn button. For more details, see MUSICMATCH Jukebox Help.

Do you need someplace to store your data files? Use the Burn button to save data files (documents, photos, etc..) to CD-R media. 

Your MP3 Player has more memory than you think! When downloading tracks from MUSICMATCH to your portable player use the Bitrate Limit option and choose a smaller bit rate.  This will automatically shrink the file loading onto your MP3 player allowing you to fit more music onto it!

Tag an entire Playlist of tracks at once.  Highlight the first track in your list, hold the Shift key, then click the last track. Right-click on the highlighted area and select Edit Track Tag(s). Every track you highlighted will be available for tag editing.

Fill that MP3 player fast! Drag and drop tracks from anywhere on your computer to the Portable Devices window. 

Don't stop the music! Right-click inside of My Library and select Play Library.  MUSICMATCH will randomly play every single track in your library!

MUSICMATCH Burner Plus is much more than your typical burning program. Burn DVD, music, photos, video and data. Burn faster, easily back up your entire media and data collection to CDR, and so much more! 

MUSICMATCH Jukebox screams with a Pentium 4! MUSICMATCH is now optimized for use with the P4 processor. You could get up to a 32x performance increase in burning, ripping and encoding!

Download directly to your library! Go to Options>Settings>General and check the box, "When downloading music files from the web - Add to Music Library."

Do you have an MP3-capable portable, home or auto CD player? Using Burner Plus create MP3 CDs that auto-play on devices that recognize this format. 

The MUSICMATCH CD Labeler Kit, powered by SureThing, is the ultimate tool for creating custom jewel case inserts and CD labels. Import Playlist track names, then incorporate your text, graphics, or any of the thousands of free graphics included. The MUSICMATCH CD Labeler Kit is an additional MUSICMATCH Jukebox product.

MUICMATCH Jukebox Plus users get a free, bonus skin, as well as incredible Burning capabilities, improved printing features, Volume Leveling, an enhanced graphic equalizer, and much more! 

Listen to your favorite Artist, ON DEMAND! MUSICMATCH MX® brings you ON DEMAND, non-stop listening for thousands of artists, plus the ability to create custom stations of your top 100 artists!

The Music Center is where it all starts! The most used features of MUSICMATCH Jukebox can all be accessed through the Music Center; such as creating an audio CD, creating MP3 files, listening to digital files or Online Music, and much more!

Do you like photographs? Do you like music? Combine two of your favorite things using MUSICMATCH Slideshow! Slideshow uses your personal photographs and creates a musical presentation, complete with special effects and transitions, to view on your computer screen. Upgrade to MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus and enjoy Slideshow today. 

Universal Plug and Play lets you connect supported Universal Plug and Play audio devices to your computer running MUSICMATCH Jukebox.
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  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

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  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

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Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

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