Teaming.txt Driver File Contents (NIC_DRVR_WIN_R94803.EXE)

Driver Package File Name: NIC_DRVR_WIN_R94803.EXE
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		Dell Server support of Multi-Vendor Network Interface Card teaming.

	Dell Server's Network Drivers support the use of an intermediate driver to provide advanced services such as Teaming and IEEE 802.1Q VLANS.  Both Intel and Broadcom provide intermediate drivers specific to their network controllers and drivers, both vendor's intermediate driver allow for the inclusion of other brands of NICs in teaming configurations.

	Although both intermediate drivers can exist on a system at the same time, both should not be used at the same time.  One intermediate driver should be utilized for all teams in a system.  Using both intermediate drivers at the same time can produce unpredictable results, even if they are each used on different physical network controllers.  Dell does not support the use of multiple intermediate network drivers at the same time in a system under any operating system.

	When teaming with either brand of intermediate driver, at least one network controller of the same brand of the intermediate driver must be used in that team, but a single card can not be used in more than one team at a time.  Consult the documentation provided with the network driver software for specific details and an overview of provided Advanced Services.

        When using drivers from Intel PRO Family of Adapter Driver version 8.2 for teaming, make sure to use drivers from Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Family Adapter Driver version 7.7 These are the only supported operating systems:

                    1. Windows 2003 server
                    2. Windows 2000 Server
                    3. RedHat Linux EL3.0 and EL2.1
                    4. Netware 5.1/6.5


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