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		      Analog Devices, Inc., Sound Processing Team

			      AD1812 SoundPort Controller
			         MS-DOS Mixer Package

			   Release V1.0, 18 September 1996
C o n t e n t s

1. Overview
2. Release Notes
3. System Requirements
4. Mixer Installation & Operation

1.  O v e r v i e w

This README.TXT contains instructions to install and configure the
MS-DOS mixer applet for the AD1812 SoundPort Controller. The here
included applet is a basic DOS mixer. It is intended solely to
provide the user a means to control playback volume levels in a DOS
environment - for usage with DOS games.

This software is designed to run with the AD1812JS SoundPort
Controller. Earlier revisions of the AD1816 SoundPort controller are
not supported by this release.

2.  R e l e a s e   N o t e s

This release of the MS-DOS mixer supports the following features on the AD1816:

1. Master volume control on Line_Out
2. Volume control on Wave playback
3. Volume control on OPL3
4. Volume control on Aux2 for analog wavetables

3.  S y s t e m   R e q u i r e m e n t s

  - 80486 PC-AT compatible or faster machine.
  - 4 MB DRAM or greater.
  - 1 free 16-bit ISA-bus expansion slot.
  - 400 KB free hard disk space for minimum software installation.
  - Microsoft Windows 3.1x
  - DOS 6.2 or higher
4.  M i x e r   I n s t a l l a t i o n   &  O p e r a t i o n

1.  Copy all the files on the diskette for the DOS mixer to your
MS-Windows3.1x directory.

2.  Open the file SYSTEM.INI in your MS-Windows3.1x directory. Go to
the section with the header

         [Analog Devices Sound System]
      Search for the strings


      where 'nnn' and 'mmm' stands for a 3 digit number. At the DOS
prompt, type the following:

         C:\WINDOWS\DOSMIXER.EXE  /WSS:mmm /SB:nnn
      where 'nnn' and 'mmm' stand for the same 3 digit numbers.
      Note: to revert back to the previous values, type:


3.  In the menu that appears, select the volume control you'd like to
use, and set it accordingly. You can repeat this with all remaining
controls, before exiting to the DOS command line again.
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