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Motorola Messenger Modem v2.4 
Copyright Motorola, Inc. 2005 - 2007

This package contains Motorola Messenger Modem v2.4

This document contains additional information about the product.
The following topics are covered:

  1.  Introduction
  2.  Installation
  3.  Trademarks and Copyrights

1.  Introduction 

Motorola Messenger Modem (M3) is available for use on PCI, HD-Audio and AC-Link (including CNR
 and MDC) PC's. The M3 provides the user with bridge between Skype Messenger and regular 
phone (landline or cellular). This document details installation and troubleshooting of 
the Motorola Messenger Modem.

The Motorola Messenger Modem supports the following Operating Systems 

PCI	                	Win2K SP4  		WinXP SP1, SP2   	WinXP x64	Vista x32	Vista x64
HD-Audio (MDC)			Win2K SP4 		WinXP SP1, SP2		WinXP x64   Vista x32	Vista x64
USB                     ----- ---       WinXP ---  SP2		WinXP x64	Vista x32	Vista x64

Note: The Motorola Messenger Modem was tested with Skype version

1.1 Supported features

- Forwarding Skype calls to a regular or cellular phone
- Calling Skype buddy from any remote PSTN phone through the modem hardware
- Contact management and synchronization with Skype buddy list
- Selective call-forward blocking
- Keeping the event log
- Authentication with password and Caller ID Type I for incoming calls
- Voice menu for incoming calls
- Prevent computer from going to the sleep mode
- USB hardware support

2.  Installation

The installation of Motorola Messenger Modem (including custom driver) is provided as 
a separate installation package. To start installation run the SETUP.EXE program from 
the Motorola Messenger Modem CD. Follow the installation wizard instructions. 

 - Windows administrative permissions are required for M3 installation.
 - All applications that use SM56 modem or M3 device drivers shall be closed.
 - The Skype application should be installed on the PC before you start installation of M3. 
 - It is not recommended to select installation directory located on network resource, 
due to security features of the Internet Explorer there could be possible problems.

After installation wizard has completed and all necessary files are copied to the system, the 
configuration wizard can be started (depending on the checks selected on last installation 
window). M3 configuration wizard will guide you through a series of options screens 
required to perform initial setup of important M3 parameters:

2.1. Line setup

The current country where the phone line is connected shall be considered by the modem software to
provide good quality and proper operation. To define the country please 
select the appropriate value using the combo box.

2.2. Authorization options

To prevent unauthorized access, the authentication method can be specified for your Motorola 
Messenger Modem. Caller ID Type I and password authentication is supported in the current version. 
If you specified the password as the authentication method then you will be prompted to enter the 
password (using phone pad) when you are calling into the modem to enter the M3 system, 
as well as in case if the Caller ID could not be detected (for example due to bad line condition). 

2.3. Default phone

You have to specify the phone number to be used as the default number for call forwarding.

2.4. General setup

This page allows you to specify the general behavior of the M3 application, related to system 
and application startup and event logging.
Check "Launch on Windows startup" if you want the M3 application to start running whenever 
the computer is turned on. 
The Skype messenger should be running at the moment when M3 is started. However, it is possible to 
automatically launch Skype from M3 if you check "Launch Skype".
"Write Activity Log" checkbox allows you to specify whether the event log shall be recorded or not.
When M3 application is started for the first time. A dialog will pop up,that says:

   "Another Program is trying to Use Skype
   What would you like to do ?
   Name: M3.exe "
Click on the first bullet:

   "Allow this program to use Skype"

2.5. M3 Application start and Device Mode switching

After installation the device mode is set to "Modem" and the user has to switch it to "M3 Audio" 
mode to enable all M3 functionality. You will see the message box prompting you to do so. The 
switching between "M3 Audio" and "Modem" shall be done using M3 system tray menu (right mouse 
click on M3 tray icon will prompt for that menu).

3. Trademarks and Copyrights

MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office.
All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners.  

Microsoft, Windows and Windows Me are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation; 
and Windows XP is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

SkinCrafter Component Copyright (c) 2002-2004 DMSoft Technologies

Copyright 2003-2006 Skype Limited
The "Skype" name, logo and the "S" symbol are trademarks of Skype Limited
This product uses the Skype API but is not endorsed or certified by Skype

All other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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