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Driver Package File Name: ibm2560.exe
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3Com Mobile Products Group                           Customer Support 

Title :  IBM2560.EXE
Date  :  05 February 1998
Scope :  CC2560, XJ2560



Use this readme to find the following information:

   * File Contents
   * Background
   * How To Use This File

File Contents

   * This readme
   * DISK1.3C
   * DISK2.3C


This is an updated version of our installation disks for 3Com Megahertz
CC2560 and XJ2560 PC Card modems.  This version is specifically for IBM
branded laptops.  This version did not ship with your PC Card.
This version is only available on our Web Site, BBS or through other
electronic 3Com Megahertz Support media.

How To Use This File

Assure that you have two disks then follow these guidelines to make
new installation disks for your Ethernet Adapter.

1.  After you have downloaded the file then you may double click
    INSTALL.BAT in Windows or run INSTALL.BAT from a MS-DOS prompt.
2.  You will see a message prompting you to label a blank disk and
    then to insert it into your system's a:\ drive.
3.  Continue to follow the prompts.  You will be asked to insert 
    a second blank disk.  The final message you will see should
    be "Your CC-XJ2560 Installation Disk creation is complete." 
4.  Follow installation instructions for your operating system.
    They are available in the README.TXT included on Disk 1.

Copyright 3Com Mobile Products Group.  All other product names are
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders in the
United States and/or in other countries.
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