releasenotes.txt Driver File Contents (Broadmodem47.exe)

Driver Package File Name: Broadmodem47.exe
File Size: 6.8 MB

Release Notes

Broadcom Modem Release 3.4.22 08/06/2002

Broadcom Corp. Confidential

     4 subdirectories for different OS: Win98, WinME, Win2k,  WinXP
     	Win98		contains VxD driver for Win98
     	WinME		contains WDM driver for WinME
     	Win2K_XP	contains WDM driver for Win2000 and WinXP

List of features

AT Commands
	Hayes compatible AT commands
	TIA/EIA-578-A Fax Class 1
	TIA/EIA-592-A Fax Class 2 and 2.0
	ITU-T V.250
	ITU-T V.251 
	ITU-T V.253 Voice
	International Configuration AT commands
	PTT testing AT commands
Data Modulations
	ITU-T V.92
	ITU-T V.90
	ITU-T V.34
	ITU-T V.32 bis
	ITU-T V.32
	ITU-T V.22 bis
	ITU-T V.22
	ITU-T V.23
	ITU-T V.21
	Bell 212
	Bell 202
	Loopback Testing facilities
	ITU-T V.8
	ITU-T V.8 bis
Fax Modulations
	ITU-T V.17
	ITU-T V.29
	ITU-T V.27 ter
	ITU-T V.21 Ch2
Link Protocols
	ITU-T V.42 with V.42 bis and V.44 compressions
	MNP 1-4 with MNP 5 compression
	Asynchronous Data framing
	Synchronous data
	ITU-T V.80 Synchronous Access Mode Protocol
Call Progress
	DTMF detection/generation
	International Call Progress Detection
	Call Waiting Tone detection
Voice Compression
	G.711 PCM compression
	IMA ADPCM compression
Full Duplex Speakerphone

OS Support

	MS Windows 98 SE (vxd driver)
	MS Windows Millenium (vxd or wdm driver)		
	MS Windows 2000 (wdm driver)		
	MS Windows XP (wdm driver)		

Problem Reports
Please report any problems found, with full description, version string and 
hardware description to

server: web2, load: 1.06