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(Please Read EPSON PhotoStarter)2003.06.20
Information concerning EPSON PhotoStarter(Windows)Ver.3.1

EPSON PhotoStarter cautions are described below. 
Please read printer's documentation about environment and specification.

[How to save photo data and start EPSON PhotoQuicker]
The EPSON PhotoStarter saves photo data by the method you set for Specify method of saving 
photo data in the Setting Assistant.
If Save all files in a selected folder is selected, EPSON PhotoStarter saves the data from the 
memory card in its original format in the specified folder.
EPSON PhotoQuicker automatically saves all photo data in this folder and after saving displays 
the data (including data in sub-folders).
For this reason, if a folder which already has photo data saved in it is selected as the save 
destination, EPSON PhotoQuicker also reads and displays that data. The result is that data 
that is not on the selected memory card is displayed.
When you select the save destination, we recommend that you either select a folder with no 
photo data recorded in it, or that you create a new folder by clicking the New Folder button.

[Cautions Concerning the Use of Multiple Stylus Photo 935 Printers]
Connecting more than one Stylus Photo 935 printer to a single computer is not recommended.
If five or more of such printers are connected, EPSON PhotoStarter's automatic start-up on 
memory card insertion feature cannot be used.

[Caution Against Moving EPSON PhotoStarter Files]
EPSON PhotoStarter cannot be started automatically by EPSON CardMonitor if EPSON PhotoStarter 
files have been moved.
Return the files to their original state or reinstall PhotoStarter.

[Reinstalling the Software]
If EPSON PhotoStarter's operation becomes unstable, uninstall EPSON PhotoStarter once, then 
reinstall the program.

[Uninstalling EPSON PhotoStarter]
If you want to remove EPSON PhotoStarter from your system, use the Uninstaller from the Start 
If you are uninstalling EPSON PhotoQuicker, we recommend uninstalling EPSON PhotoStarter too. 

If you are using Windows XP, uninstall the software by selecting EPSON PhotoStarter3.1 from 
Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

Note that it is not possible to uninstall the software if you do not have administrator's 
rights in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Log in as an administrator in order to uninstall the 

[Starting EPSON PhotoQuicker or Other Applications]
You can start EPSON PhotoQuicker3.5 or other applications from the EPSON PhotoStarter 
application list.

[Start-Up Limitations Concerning DPOF Files in Memory Cards]
When a memory card containing a DPOF setting file is inserted, EPSON PhotoStarter start-up 
application settings are suspended temporarily and EPSON PhotoQuicker is started instead.

[Linkage with EPSON CardMonitor]
Usually, EPSON PhotoStarter is started up from EPSON CardMonitor automatically. 
Follow the procedure below in order to prevent the automatic startup from EPSON CardMonitor.

For Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000
 Right-click the EPSON CardMonitor icon in the task bar and select "Turn off monitoring." 
Alternatively, select [None] in the Select PC card slots screen of the EPSON PhotoStarter 
setting assistant.

For Windows XP
 Disable "Startup CardMonitor" during the operations performed at automatic play.

In Windows XP, the Select PC card slots screen is not displayed in the setting assistant. 
"Monitored PC card slots Printer and computer card slots" is displayed in the Confirm 
settings screen whether or not "Startup CardMonitor" is selected during the operations 
performed at automatic play.

[Compatibility with EPSON PhotoStarter 1.0]
EPSON PhotoStarter 3.1 cannot be installed on a PC with the installer program if EPSON 
PhotoStarter 1.0 is already installed. By using an alternate installation method, it may be 
possible to use both programs on the same PC, but doing so can cause the PC's performance to 
drop and may make it impossible to detect a memory card. If this occurs, please close EPSON 
PhotoStarter 1.0 to use EPSON CardMonitor.

Microsoft is a registered trademark and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in 
United States and other countries.
Product and Company names listed in this document are all registered trademarks of said 

Copyright (C) SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION 1998-2003, All rights reserved.
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