README.TXT Driver File Contents (tc43hx02.EXE)

Driver Package File Name: tc43hx02.EXE
File Size: 469.7 KB

FMUP.EXE:  FLASH Memory Update Utility Release 3.2

This utility is used to save and update FLASH memory. It is recommended
that this utility be executed from a bootable MS-DOS diskette that 
contains BIOS recovery files for the target system (i.e. BIOS.REC).  

WARNING: This disk is NOT a DOS bootable diskette.

This utility must be executed in a system without memory managers installed.
If EMM386, QEMM, 386MAX, or Windows is active, then the FLASH update
is not safe.  Remove any memory manager or exit Windows before executing
the FLASH Memory Update Utility.

SHOWHDR.EXE:  This tool is provided to display header information on the
specified FLASH data image.  

Usage: SHOWHDR.EXE <FLASH data image filename>
server: ftp, load: 1.01