NW3XX.TXT Driver File Contents (200207424.exe)

        D-Link DFE-530TX PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter Installation
                  for NetWare Server v3.12, v3.2

    - Compatibility List
    - Getting Started

 Compatibility List
      Because this driver follows Novell ODI Driver Specification
      version 1.11(C Language), the NetWare version 3.12 NetWare 
      server must be patched to work with this driver. The patching 
      method is described as below:

       1. Copy LOADER.EXE and LSWAP.EXE to the NetWare 3.12 server

       2. Execute LSWAP.EXE at MS-DOS prompt from server directory.

          Usage: LSWAP [loaderFilePath [serverFilePath]]
                 Default loaderFilePath = C:\NWSERVER\LOADER.EXE
                 Default serverFilePath = C:\NWSERVER\SERVER.EXE

        PS. Both LSWAP.EXE and LOADER.EXE files provide by Novell.

       Note: This ODI update is for English only.

       Before installing, make sure the following items have been

       312PTx.EXE (Where "x" is 8 or higher) must be installed on
       NetWare v3.12 file servers prior to installing ODI driver.
       Without this patch the following message may be displayed
       when NBI.NLM loads.

       "Warning: This version of NetWare does not support protected mode
       BIOS accesses. Without a loader patch some PCI drivers may fail."

 Getting Started

    Modifying an existing NetWare 3.12/3.2 Server
       1. Make a sub-directory NLMS.OLD under <SRVPATH> directory which
          include SERVER.EXE.

          Ex. <SRVPATH> = NWSERVER
              >MD \NWSERVER\NLMs.OLD

       2. Save NBI31X.NLM, MSM31X.NLM and ETHERTSM.NLM to NLMS.OLD
          sub-directory. (v3.12 server only)
       3. Get following files from NOVELL website and put them in floppy disk.
		ETHERTSM.NLM        Patch file for Netware 3.12 Server (v3.80).
    		MSM31X.NLM          Patch file for Netware 3.12 Server (v3.95).
    		NBI31X.NLM          Patch file for Netware 3.12 Server (v.2.25).

       4. Please insert release driver CD into CD-ROM drive.
       5. Copy all provided NLM and LAN files into your dos directory
          which includes SERVER.EXE. (v3.12 server only)

          Ex. >COPY <Floppy drive>:\NBI31X.NLM   C:\SERVER.312
              >COPY <Floppy drive>:\MSM31X.NLM   C:\SERVER.312
              >COPY <Floppy drive>:\ETHERTSM.NLM C:\SERVER.312
              >COPY <CD drive>:\NETWARE\32BITLAN\DLKFET.LAN   C:\SERVER.312

       6. Start the NetWare Server.

          > CD \NWSERVER
          > SERVER

       7. From the Novell Server side, execute "LOAD INSTALL". Type:
          :LOAD INSTALL
           Select <System Option>
           Select <Edit Autoexec.NCF file>

       8. Add below item into the server's AUTOEXEC.NCF file.


          LOAD C:\NWSERVER\DLKFET SLOT=1 FRAME=Ethernet_802.3
          BIND IPX DLKFET_1_E83 NET=xxxx

          LOAD C:\NWSERVER\DLKFET SLOT=1 FRAME=Ethernet_802.2
          BIND IPX DLKFET_1_E82 NET=xxxx

          BIND IPX DLKFET_1_EII NET=xxxx

          BIND IPX DLKFET_1_ESP NET=xxxx

       9. Restart the server again.

       Parameters supported by the DLKFET.LAN driver

        The following keywords are for driver v5.10 or later.
        CONNECTIONTYPE                  This keyword is used to specify media type.
        FLOW_CONTROL                    This keyword is used to specify flow control
                                        ability.(Not supported in force mode)
            FLOW_CONTROL=HARDWARE_DEFAULT   (default)

	The following keywords are for driver v5.10 previously(v5.10 not included).
        SLOT     1      - Forces the driver to search for the specified board

        AUTOSENSE       - This keyword configures the adapter to conduct
                          NWay Auto-negotiation to determine the network
                          speed and the duplex mode of the network connection.

        10BASET         - Force driver to 10Mbps half duplex mode.

        10BASETFD       - Force driver to 10Mbps full duplex mode.

        100BASETX       - Force driver to 100Mbps half duplex mode.

        100BASETXFD     - Force driver to 100Mbps full duplex mode.

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