dlbttele.ini Driver File Contents (Dell922ENGLISH.exe)

;Listing of Phone Numbers by Windows Locale Code
;for Dell Reorder Applications
;Languages per Localization Matrix dated 04-29-04
;Updated 05-14-04 to add phone number for South Africa
;Country codes are entered as hexadecimal

[phone numbers]





0x080A=001 866 851 1754

0x500A=866 851 1760

0x0C09=1300 303 290

0x340A=CTC Number 800-202874; 1230-020-3947


0x2c0a=Por favor comuniquese con su destributor local

0x3c0a=Por favor comuniquese con su destributor local

0x280a=Por favor comuniquese con su destributor local

0x380a=Por favor comuniquese con su destributor local

0x200a=Por favor comuniquese con su destributor local

;English-Caribbean Islands
0x2409=Please contact your local distributor


0x0809=0870 907 4574

0x1809=1850 707 407


0x100C=0848 335 599

0x0810=0848 335 599

0x0807=0848 335 599

0x0407=0800 2873355

0x0C07=08 20 - 24 05 30 35




0x0413=020 - 674 4881

0x080C=02.713 1590

0x0813=02.713 1590


0x140C=02.713 1590

0x0406=3287 5215

0x040B=09 2533 1411

0x041D=08 587 705 81

0x081D=09 2533 1411

0x0414=231622 64

0x0814=231622 64

0x0415=022 579 59 65

;English-South Aftrica
0x1c09=0860 102 591


;PRC-Simplified Chinese 

0x1004=1800 394 7486


0x043e=1800 88 0301 

0x0419=Please see your local distributor

0x040D=àðà ôðä àì äîôéõ äî÷åîé

;Arabic-Saudi Arabia 
0x0401=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß

0x3801=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß

0x1401=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x3C01=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0xC01=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x2C01=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x3401=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x3001=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x1801=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x2001=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x4001=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x1C01=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x2401=ÈÑÌÇÁ ÇáÇÊÕÇá ÈÇáãæÒÚ ÇáãÍáí áÏíß 

0x2C0C=Veuillez contacter votre concessionnaire local 

;French-Congo (DRC) 	
0x240C=Veuillez contacter votre concessionnaire local 

;French-Cote d'Ivoire 	
0x300C=Veuillez contacter votre concessionnaire local 

0x340C=Veuillez contacter votre concessionnaire local 

0x200C=Veuillez contacter votre concessionnaire local 

0x280C=Veuillez contacter votre concessionnaire local 

;French-West Indies	
0x1C0C=Veuillez contacter votre concessionnaire local 

0x40E=Kérjük, lépjen kapcsolatba a helyi forgalmazóval

;Slovak - Slovakia
0x41B=Prosím, obráte sa na váho miestneho distribútora

;Slovenian - Slovenia
0x424=Prosimo, obrnite se na lokalnega distributerja

0x041F=Lütfen yerel daðýtýcýnýzla görüþün

;default phone number for countries not listed
default=Contact your Point of Purchase

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