CBOPEN.TXT Driver File Contents (EN2220.zip)

                     EN2220 Fast EtherCard-32 
              10/100 Fast Ethernet CardBus PC Card 

       Card Enabler Program for the MS-DOS Operating System

CBOPEN.EXE is the EN2220 enabling program for the MS-DOS system.  Before 
you can use any of the DOS mode drivers, such as the Novell DOS ODI driver,
the NDIS2 driver, the packet driver, or the ACCTEST.EXE test program,
you have to execute CBOPEN.EXE to enable the EN2220 first.

Some notebooks come with an MS-DOS software suite that is called the Card and 
Socket services.  These services are provided with the aim to facilitate the 
use of CardBus PC Cards.  However, since CardBus is a relatively new technology,
most of the Card and Socket services software on the market today is not mature
enough to fully support CardBus cards.  For this reason, in this release, 
CBOPEN.EXE does not use the Card and Socket Services, and CBOPEN.EXE detects 
and programs the CardBus bridge controller in the notebook directly.  If you 
have loaded Card and Socket services in CONFIG.SYS in your notebook, please 
remove them before using CBOPEN.EXE.

CBOPEN can be executed from the MS-DOS command line, or it can be loaded in 
CONFIG.SYS as a MS-DOS device driver.  To execute CBOPEN from the command 
line, just type:

   CBOPEN <Enter>

To load CBOPEN as a device driver, enter the following line in CONFIG.SYS:


This statement assumes you have a copy of CBOPEN.EXE in C:\EN2220.

CBOPEN locates all the EN2220 PC Cards in the system and assigns
I/O, IRQ, and memory resources to these cards.  Power are then applied
to the cards such that the cards are enabled and ready to be accessed by
device drivers.

The following is a typical message displayed by CBOPEN.EXE after it
configured and enabled an EN2220 PC Card:

   Socket 0:  Mem D0000, IRQ C (PCI-Routed: INT A) -- EN2220 Card, I/O Port FF00
   Socket 1:  Mem D1000, IRQ B (PCI-Routed: INT B) 

This message reports that an EN2220 card is found in socket 0.  A range of 
I/O ports starting from FF00 (hexadecimal), and a range of memory starting from
D0000 (hexadecimal), are assigned to this card.  The IRQ value assigned is 
IRQ C.  The system's IRQ routing style is PCI-Routed, and the PCI INT value 
is INT A.

If the IRQ routing style designed into the system is ISA-Routed, CBOPEN 
displays a message similar to this:

   Socket 0:  Mem D0000, IRQ 9 (ISA-Routed) -- EN2220 Card, I/O Port FF00
   Socket 1:  Mem D1000, IRQ 9 (ISA-Routed) 

After CBOPEN.EXE is loaded, it stays in the computer's memory.  If an EN2220
is inserted in a CardBus socket, CBOPEN takes the actions to enable the 
card.  If an EN2220 is removed from a CardBus socket, CBOPEN returns the 
resources assigned to the card back to the system.

To remove CBOPEN from computer's memory, enter:

   CBOPEN -u

to unload CBOPEN.

Even though you only have to execute CBOPEN when you are using one of the
MS-DOS drivers, however, the information displayed by CBOPEN is also 
valuable when you are configuring the EN2220 Windows 95 and Windows NT
drivers.  For these drivers, you have to manually assign the I/O space and 
memory space starting addresses, and the IRQ value, and you have to specify 
the system's Routing style.  It is recommended to execute CBOPEN in MS-DOS
and record the displayed values for these parameters.  You then use the 
same values to configure the Windows 95 and Windows NT drivers.

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How To Update Drivers Manually

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  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

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