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Driver Package File Name: 48dsk103.exe
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If data bit rates other then the default rates are to be used, the following
rules apply to the DataRate(x) keywords in the .ini file.

1) The DataRate1 keyword must begin with a valid rate and each additional
   rate must be added using the next available DataRate(x) keyword.
     ie. DataRate1=0x02
2) The DataRate(x) keyword(s) can specify one, all or any combination of
   the valid rates for that radio.  If multiple rates are specified, they
   must be listed in ascending order.
     ie. the value for DataRate1 must be less than the value for DataRate2.
     Note: the .ini and .ahc files list the valid supported data rate(s)
           for the radio.
3) Do not exceed the valid number of rates for that radio.

Rate conversions:	
    0x01 <-> 500kbps
    0x02 <->   1Mbps
    0x04 <->   2Mbps
    0x0B <-> 5.5Mbps
    0x16 <->  11Mbps
    Note: to specify a basic rate, set the most significant bit of the
          above values.  ie. 1Mbps basic rate would be 0x82.

server: web4, load: 0.34