RL2000A.PCI/WIN95/NC32ND.TXT Driver File Contents (Rl2000a_pci.zip)

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NetWare CLIENT32 FOR WIN95 using Windows 95 32-bit NDIS3 Driver

For ReadyLINK RL2000-PCI adapter

The following are LAN adapter(s) and driver(s) tested:-

   Adapter Models
- ReadyLINK RL2000-PCI

Before you start
You should have the following items ready before you start;

	1. Installation Disketts for "NetWare Client32 for Windows 95"
	2. Latest Distribution Diskette for ReadyLINK RL2000-PCI Adapter.

* The installation steps to follow presume you have installed Win95 network
  support using the 32-bit NDIS3 driver (RL2000.SYS). Then Goto Step 1.
  If you HAVE NOT already done so, do it first then goto Step 1. 
  See WIN95.TXT for installation details.
Installation Steps 

Step 1: Insert Netware Client32 Disk 1 in drive A.
        Click on [My Computer] then [3 1/2" Floppy A] and
        double click on SETUP.EXE

Step 2:	[NetWare Client32 License Agreement] Box appears,
	Click [Yes].

	[NetWare Client32 Installation] Box appears,
        DO NOT Mark an "X" for the option shown below,
            [Upgrade NDIS driver to ODI automatically, if available]

	Click [Start] to continue

	Setup program will starts to copy NetWare Client32 Installation Files 
	from Diskettes, provide the right diskette when prompt.

Step 3: When Client32 Setup program completed the installation,
	the [NetWare Client32 Installation] Box will re-appear, 
	Click the [REBOOT] button to restart Windows 95.

Step 4: After Windows 95 restart, you should see a Novell's Client32 Logo
	display. Then a [Novell NetWare Login] Box will appear.

        Enter your uses log in name & password & Click [OK].
    ³ Novell NetWare Login                                                   ³
    ³ Logging into NetWare using:                                            ³
    ³                                                                        ³
    ³ 	Name	:							     ³
    ³ 							                     ³
    ³ 	Password:		                                             ³
    ³                            ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿    ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿    ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿      ³
    ³                            ³   OK   ³    ³ Cancel ³    ³  Help  ³      ³
    ³                            ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ    ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ    ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ      ³

        You will then see the system process your Login Script.
	When have you reached this stage, you have successfully installed
	Client32 for Win95.


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