RL2000A.PCI/SCO/LLI/RPCI10B.TXT Driver File Contents (Rl2000a_pci.zip)

Driver Package File Name: Rl2000a_pci.zip
File Size: 736.3 KB

This is RL2000 PCI SCO OpenServer5 driver (LLI specification) update file.


***  NOTE:- LLI specification cannot remove the driver with netconfig 
            alone in SCO 5. 
            To remove the driver completely, you MUST run netconfig 
            and custom to remove the driver.
       e.g. Suppose run netconfig for 2 boards and later decide to remove
            away one board.   
	    You will first have to remove both boards with netconfig and 
            custom. Then relink and reboot.
            Run custom again to install the driver. Then run netconfig to
            install and configure for one board, relink and reboot.

Prepare driver disk
1) Run RPCI10B.EXE to a blank diskette to extract it.

2) Copy RPCI10B.DD to SCO UNIX hard disk
          doscp /dev/fd0:rpci10b.dd .

3) Check the checksum with the command,

	  sum rpci10b.dd

   The value should be 21982       

4) Format a new 1.44MB disk

5) Run dd to extract to diskstte.
         dd if=rpci10b.dd of=/dev/fd0

6) Label disk as, RL2000 PCI SCO UNIX driver
                  version 1.0b

To install the driver, run custom and netconfig
Refer to SCO UNIX 5 for more detailed installation

server: web2, load: 1.25