WHATSNEW.TXT Driver File Contents (en1207d-tx.zip)

                        *                               *
                        *         HP  PCs               *
                        *       ===========             *
                        *                               *
			*      LAN Drivers for          *
                        *HP 10/100 BaseT PCI LAN Adapter*
			*	                        *
			*	                        *
                        *        Sept 23, 1999          *
                        *                               *

VERSION 1.03.2

0. Contents of this file:

1. General information
2. Known problems / Limitations
2. Fixes / New features
3. OS Supported
4. Power management support
5. MS certification information
6. Diagnostic tools
7. Content of the directories

1. General information
HP Internal package name: QACC1032

This driver is waiting for Microsoft certification. When certification will
have been obtained, a new package will be released.

    Installation    Enter folder corresponding to operating system and
                    procedure read the txt file
    Mac@ reporting  under DOS with PNP OS set to NO: run Diagnostic tool
                    under Windows

1. Known problems / limitations:

   OS2 / warp4 : Need Wol cable for Remote Power On (This is not supported)

2. Fixes / New features
   No fixes as this is the first release of drivers for this card.

3. OS Supported:

      Windows 2000                 Win2000 RC1 (Build 2031) 
      Windows 9X                   NDIS3 for Win95 SR0 SR1, NDIS4 for Win95 SR2.x
      Windows NT                   NT3.51 (NDIS3) & NT4 (NDIS4)
      Windows for Workgroups 3.11  NDIS3
      Dos 6.2x                     NDIS2
      OS2 Warp                     NDIS2
      Others                       Netware 3.x and 4.x + Dos ODI

      Diagnostic tools             Dos based diagnostic tool

* LINUX drivers are NOT delivered in this package

4. Power management support

Mode	State	  Wake-up?
APM	Standby	  NA
	Suspend   Yes / Magic Packet
	Off	  Yes / Magic Packet
ACPI	S1	  Yes / Magic Packet / Pattern Matching 
	S3	  Yes / Magic Packet / Pattern Matching
	S4	  Yes / Magic Packet / Pattern Matching
	S5	  Yes / Magic Packet / Pattern Matching

In compliance with PCI Power Management specification 1.1, two registers 
are used for Wakeup events on the PCI bus: PME_EN and PME_STATUS. The last
one indicates if the Nic has received a magic packet (or matching pattern)
when set to 1. The first parameter authorizes the Nic to assert PME (when 
PME_STATUS is set to 1).

5. MS certification information:

PC99 on-going

    MS DCT Master ID    : Not available yet.
    CAT File            : Not received yet
    Submission details  : PC 99 Submitted september, MAY BE certified end september
                          via NSTL (Taiwan WHQL)

6. Diagnostic Tools :

      Files revision & name   DOS based tool (set PNP OS to No before
                              running) \diags\diag1207.exe - 1.05

      Warning : Modifying Power Management configuration must be done 
                by advanced users only.

7. Content of the directories :

   See file release.txt in each directory.
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