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The README.TXT file contains:

        I.    Current release version for drivers and utilities.
        II.   Device drivers and utilities usage of PCMCIA/CitiROM.
        III.  Product support list( Not all inclusive )
        IV.   Technical tips 

        All of the device drivers and utilities are fully compatible with
        PCMCIA/CitiROM card.  Please use this file as supplement to your 
        installation/user guide.

I.      Current released device drivers and utilities version.

    PCMIDE sub-directory--

         PCMI80CL SYS     4,222  07-13-99  9:04p    v5.80
         STATPCDM SYS    17,945 11-09-98   9:02p    v2.70
         STATPFLP SYS    18,208 12-07-98  10:52p    v5.20
         STIDEHDD SYS    17,694 10-27-00   7:56p    v5.60
         README   EXE     38261 03-23-94   3:53p
         README   TXT      
II.     Device Driver and Utility Usage of PCMCIA/CitiROM card

        PCMI80CL.SYS ( ATAPI/IDE PCMCIA Client Driver )

          This driver supports the PCMCIA 2.1+ Card/Socket services
          specifications.  It is mandatory to load this driver 
          before using the STATPCDM.SYS device driver.  This device
          driver is PCMCIA/CitiROM card specific.  This driver support
          both PMIDE-M17 and PMIDE-ASC type cards' I/O addressing 
		  Adding in the enabling functions from release v5.0. If no
		  Card/Socket services is installed, the client service will then
		  turn on the socket based on the following syntax.

          Installation Format:

                Device = <path>\PCMI80CL.SYS [/Xn]

                /Xn - Ignore the checking the card service version
					  1 -- ignore,  0 -- check( default )

				/Pn - Set the enabler I/O port.
					  0 - 150( default ),  1 -160,  2 - 170.

                /Qn - Set the enabler IRQ selection.
					  0 to 9 or A to F.  A=10.  F=15.

                /Vn - Special value for VIA PCMICA controller
					  0 ( default ), 1 -- set via mode

        STATPCDM.SYS( ATAPI/IDE CD-ROM device driver )

          This device driver requires the PCMI80CL.SYS client driver. 
          Install the PCMI80CL.SYS driver before the STATPCDM.SYS driver.

          Installation Format:

                Device = <path>\STATPCDM.SYS [/I:n] [/Qn] /D:<drive name>

                /I:n - how many drive letter to be reserved for plug
                       and play purpose, when using this parameter
                       the CD-ROM drives will not be initialized when
                       system bootup.  However, be sure the card is 
                       inserted in the system boot up time to allow
                       Card/Socket/Client services to recognize the
                      n must be 1 - 2
                      Default value is 1 if n is not specified.

                /Qn - Use Interrupt
				      1 -- yes( default ), 0 -- no, use polling	

                /D:<drive name> - specified the drive name for 
                      MSCDEX to match
                      Defautl name is SCSIDE0

                /T  - Set Torishan24X CD-ROM mode.

        Please install MSCDEX.EXE in AUTOEXEC.BAT file as shown below:

                MSCDEX /D:<drive name> /M:10

        STIDEHDD.SYS( IDE Fixed or Removable Hard Disk device driver )

          This device driver requires the PCMI80CL.SYS client driver. 
          Install the PCMI80CL.SYS driver before the STIDEHDD.SYS driver.

		  Adding in the FAT32 file system support for DOS7.0( Win95
		    Rev. B or OSR2 command prompt mode ) and still retain the
			backward compatibility with FAT16 and FAT12 as well.

          Installation Format:

                Device = <path>\STIDEHDD.SYS

          For disk( diskette ) preparation, please use the DOS supported
          FDISK and FORMAT utilities.

		  For removable cartridge drive like Fujitsui IDE/MO and SyQuest
		  SyJet drive, FDISK is not available.  Only large floppy format

        STATPFLP.SYS( IDE/ATAPI Removable Hard Disk device driver, LS120 )

          This device driver requires the PCMI80CL.SYS client driver. 
		  Support LS120 Floppy Drive.
          Install the PCMI80CL.SYS driver before the STATPFLP.SYS driver.

          Installation Format:

                Device = <path>\STATPFLP.SYS

          For diskette preparation, please use the DOS supported
          FORMAT utilities.  No partition capability supported.

III.    Product Support List - Not all inclusive

        Most IDE or Enhanced IDE ATAPI CD-ROM/Floppy devices are supported even
        they may not be listed above.  New models are constantly added to
        to the list.  Please consult the dealers for updated information.
        The adapter has been tested under the following environments.
        All the above supported softwares are for IBM PC AT or compatibles.

        IDE Devices:

                Manufacturer            Model No.   
                Acer                    744, 747 4X, 6X, 8X 
                Funai                   6X, 8X
                IMES                    6X, 8X
                Goldstar                GCD-520, 540, 6X, 8X
                Laser Magnetic          CM207               
                Lasonic                 CDM-100S
                MediaVision             6X
                Mitsumi                 FX-00IDE, 4x, 8x, 12x 
                NEC                     CDR-250, 260, MultiSpin 2Vi, 4X
				Optical Storage         8001IDE
                Part II Research        SpaceShip     
                Panasonic               CD-571, MC-579, 
										UJDA110, UJDA121 20X slim
                Reveal                  4x        
                SONY                    CDU-55D, 55E, 76E, 8X
                TEAC                    6X, 8X slimline, CD211E 20X slim
                Toshiba                 XM-5202, 5302, 4x, 6X, 8X, 1602B slim
				ToriSan                 20X slim
                Wearnes                 CDD-120

        .IDE Hard Disk Drive
                Manufacturer            Model No.   
                Conner                  700MB, 2.5" 800MB
				Hitachi                 3.0GB
				Fujitsu                 2154 230MB Magneto-Optical drive
                IBM                     2.5" 540MB, 800MB, 2.0GB, 3.0GB, 6 GB
                Maxtor                  120MB, 100MB, 800MB, 1GB
                Samsung                 250MB
                SyQuest                 135 MB removable drive, 1.5GB 
                Seagate                 ST3295A,3660A, 1.0GB, 1.2GB
                WesternDigital          2.5" 540MB

        .IDE Floppy Drive
                Manufacturer            Model No.   
				Matsushita              LS120
				Mitsuibishi             LS120, Slim LS120
				IOMEGA                  Zip100, Slim Zip 100
				Caleb Technology        UHD 144

IV.     Technical tips

    Use this section as supplement to the Trouble Shooting section in the

    a.  If your notebook or desktop PCMCIA card reader is using the 
        Databook controller, be sure to edit the SuperClient Driver 
        inside the CONFIG.SYS as the following:
		"device=c:\pcmcia\cardtalk.sys /iow=150-157 /iow=350-357"

		This will exclude the Cardtalk( SuperClient ) driver to 
        check the io range between the 150-157 and 350-357.

    b.  If your notebook or desktop PCMCIA card read is using the 
        CARDWARE services, be sure to edit the CARDWARE.INI [Resources]
        section as the following:
    c.  If your notebook or desktop PCMCIA card read is using the 
        Cirrus Logic Socket service, be sure to exclude the IRQ 15
        as the resource for card service.  Consult the PCMCIA driver
        manual to exclude the resouce.
    d.  From Sept. 30, 1996, new version of CitiROM card( called PMIDE-ASC )
        is released, it's required to upgrade all of the drivers to the
        revision level above to function correctly.  However, new drivers
        will recognize and function exactly the same as the older version
        if you mixing the PMIDE-M17 hardware and new drivers.

    e.  To use the LS120( 128 MB ) IDE Floppy Drive with CitiROM card, 
		please use the in-house designed driver to get the best
		performance.  Not all of the LS120 drive in the market support
		the IDE Daisy-Chain function.

    f.  For FAT32 file support, please use the v3.1 STIDEHDD.SYS on DOS7.0
		only( Win95 Rev. B, OSR2 ).  Other DOS levels smaller than 7.0 will
		not recognize the FAT32 file system and set them to "RESERVED" 
		partition.  DOS7.0 will recognize the full HDD as one single Primary DOS
		partition if size is smaller than 8GB.

    g.  New PCMI80CL.SYS v5.0 come with the enabler support.  It will turn
		on the socket controller if no Card/Socket services installed.
		I/O port and IRQ selections are programmable via parameters setting.
		The new client driver is applicable for STIDEHDD.SYS, STATPCDM.SYS 
		and STATPFLP.SYS as well.

    h.  STATPFLP.SYS v4.21 and greater support ZIP, slimline ZIP, 
		LS120, slimline LS120 and Caleb 144 UHD as well.
	i.  When using the PCMI80CL.SYS as enabler for VIA PCMCIA controller,
		set "/V1" parameter so as to work properly.

    h.  FDISK/Format HDD larger than 8GB is supported from v5.26 and above of 
		Technical supports:

Download Driver Pack

How To Update Drivers Manually

After your driver has been downloaded, follow these simple steps to install it.

  • Expand the archive file (if the download file is in zip or rar format).

  • If the expanded file has an .exe extension, double click it and follow the installation instructions.

  • Otherwise, open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu and selecting Device Manager.

  • Find the device and model you want to update in the device list.

  • Double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

  • From the Properties dialog box, select the Driver tab.

  • Click the Update Driver button, then follow the instructions.

Very important: You must reboot your system to ensure that any driver updates have taken effect.

For more help, visit our Driver Support section for step-by-step videos on how to install drivers for every file type.

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