MREADM_P.txt Driver File Contents (USB_only_mc2300W.exe)

                KONICA MINOLTA magicolor2300W
             Utilities and Documentation CD-ROM


     This readme file contains special information relating
     to the following items:

     - Application Notes
     - Configuration
     - Connectivity
     - Error Messages
     - Printer Driver
     - Status Display


     1. Acrobat 5--If you cannot print a PDF file in
        Acrobat 5, try printing it in Acrobat 4.

     2. CorelDRAW--When printing a file to letter-size
        media, select Fit to Paper in the Output Paper
        Size section on the printer driver's Paper tab.
        If you do not select Fit to Paper, the image will 
        be cut off on one side. 

     3. DOS--The DOS copy and print commands are not

     4. Excel--When previewing (Print Preview) and printing
        worksheets and charts, patterns applied to drawing
        objects and AutoShapes may look and print
        differently than identical patterns applied to other
        objects, such as worksheet cells and chart series.    

     5. Word--When you open an existing Word document, Word
        passes its default media size on to the printer
        driver rather than using the media size specified 
        for the document. 

        Therefore, if you want to scale a document defined
        for one media size to print on another media size,
        use the following procedure:

          i. In Word go to File/Page Setup and check the
             media size.
         ii. In Word go to File/Print and choose the
             printer's Properties button.
        iii. On the printer driver's Paper tab, identify the
             Original Document Size (the size media 
             installed in the tray), and then select Fit to

     6. Notepad (Windows 2000/XP)--To print multiple copies
        of a file, use the Number of Copies setting on the
        File/Print/General tab, not the Copies setting on
        the File/Print/Paper tab.


     1. Defaults--After restoring printer configuration
        settings to their factory defaults, you must
        restart the printer.


     1. Parallel--For best printing performance through 
        the parallel port, use the ECP port setting.


     1. Fatal Error Code: 16H--If this error message
        displays, first check for proper installation of the
        transfer belt. Once you have confirmed that it is
        installed correctly, if the error message continues
        to display, call for service.

     2. Media Jam--Be sure to empty the printer's output
        tray regularly, especially if you print lengthy jobs.
        If the output tray fills up (approximately 500 
        sheets of media), the message window displays a
        media jam message, and printing stops.

     1. Collation--In order to collate multiple copies of a
        duplex print job with Booklet Left Binding or 
        Booklet Right Binding selected as the Duplex/Booklet
        option on the printer driver's Setup tab, select 
        collation in the printer driver only. Do not select 
        collation in the application. This will cause the 
        pages to print out of order.

     2. Color matching--The Color Matching and Line Art
        options (printer driver's Quality tab) are not 
        compatible. If Color Matching is enabled, you cannot
        print at 1200 x 600 Line Art resolution. Conversely, 
        if Line Art is enabled, Color Matching is 
        automatically disabled.

     3. Color profiles--During installation, ICC profiles
        are automatically installed in both the Color and

     4. Defaults--Whenever you install an option in the
        printer driver (Device Options Setting tab), all
        printer driver configuration settings are
        automatically reset to their default settings.

     5. Installation (USB)--Due to a Windows limitation, you
        are required to specify the location of the printer
        driver twice.

     6. Installation (Windows XP)--Due to a Windows  
        limitation, when a second magicolor2300W printer  
        driver is installed, the printer name in the Printers 
        folder is identified as (Copy 1) rather than 
        (Copy 2).

     7. Installation (Windows 2000)--If the printer driver
        is installed by Plug and Play under Windows 2000, 
        the installer may try to install files for Windows
        XP. This does not cause a problem since the files
        for Windows 2000 and Windows XP are identical.

     8. Installation--Do not use Plug-and-Play or the Windows
        Add Printer Wizard. You must use the CD-ROM Installer
        in order to correctry install all necessary printer
        drivers and utilities.

     9. Installation--Printer name have to be input by 48 or 
        less characters on Printer name dialog.

    10. Original Document Size--Certain applications may 
        allow you to select an unsupported media size (such
        as A3) in the Original Document Size list box on the
        printer driver's Paper tab. However, if you do 
        select an unsupported media size, the file will not 

    11. Overlays--When editing an existing form overlay or
        creating a new form overlay (Edit Form Overlay button
        on the printer driver's Paper tab), if you specify 
        the name of an existing form overlay, the new 
        overlay settings overwrite the old settings without 
        asking for confirmation.

    12. Overlays--Overlay files are created as color
        documents. Therefore, even if you select monochrome
        printing (B/W on the printer driver's Quality tab), 
        the overlay prints in color. If you want a 
        monochrome overlay file, you must create it yourself
        and save it as an overlay file (Edit Form Overlay 
        button on the printer driver's Paper tab).

    13. Overlays--Overlay files must be printed at the same
        resolution at which they were created. In other 
        words, if you create an overlay file at 600 dpi, any
        documents with which you use this overlay should 
        also be printed at 600 dpi. If you print the overlay
        at a different resolution, it is automatically
        resized and, therefore, placed incorrectly on the
        printed pages.

    14. Overlays--Overlay files must be printed at the same
        Original Document Size at which they were created.
        If you try to use an overlay file created with at a
        different size, the file will not print.

    15. Overlays--Overlay files (*.prn) must be created with
        the magicolor2300W. If you use an overlay file
        created with another driver (such as magicolor
        2300 DL), the file will not print.

    16. Overlays--Printing a file with an overlay uses twice
        the virtual memory of regular printing. Therefore, 
        it is recommended that you increase your PC's 
        virtual memory.

    17. Print Speed (Windows XP)--Under Windows XP,
        monochrome printing may be reduced to 4 ppm just 
        after driver installation. Restart the PC to fix 
        this issue.

    18. Sharing--If you uninstall a printer driver for a
        shared printer under Windows Me/98 and then
        reinstall the printer driver, the new printer driver
        is automatically shared. If you do not want to share
        this printer driver, you must go in and manually
        unshare it.

    19. Uninstallation--If you uninstall the printer driver,
        you must restart the PC to complete the 
        uninstallation. Otherwise, some files are locked by 
        the Windows operating system and therefore cannot be

     1. Connectivity--The Status Display supports only local
        ports (Parallel and USB), not Ethernet ports.

     2. Printer name change--When the name of a printer is
        changed, in order to work the Status Display correctly,
        you have to re-start PC.

     3. Error message--The Status Display always looks for
        the default printer. Therefore, if the printer is
        not set up as the default printer, you receive a
        "Printer not attached" error message even if the 
        printer is connected and turned on.

     4. Printer icon--When you install the printer driver
        and utilities using setup.exe, the Status Display
        icon displays momentarily on the taskbar during

     5. Printer Status refresh rate--When a large print job
        is being printed, Printer Status may not be 
        refreshed until the print job has finished.

     6. Toner replacement--Before physically replacing a
        toner cartridge, you must use the Printer/Toner
        Replace... command in the Status Display to specify
        which color toner cartridge will be replaced. This
        command prepares the printer for toner replacement
        by safely rotating the toner carousel. DO NOT 
        attempt to replace a toner cartridge before using
        this command.

KONICA MINOLTA is a trademark or a registered trademark of 
magicolor is a trademark or a registered trademark of 
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
All rights reserved.
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