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- Version Information
NewDVR System Ver2.2.3 Build No.161

- Applied Driver Information
Driver version: xecap, xed

- What s New?
 Ver2.2.3 Build No.161
01. Watchdog error modified.
02. Modified ND error when the system is rebooting.
03. The system schedule works; only every minute.

 Ver2.2.2 Build No.158
01. When you set up a Display Channel with Drag & Drop, it will not change the Channel position even you use panorama or other set up.
02. Modified malfunction of Drag & drop on submonitor.
03. In NDHooker, we add Thread for Alarm-Out(Sensor-Out) test. (Support VisionRide)
04. Modified the block When Alarm-Out is running through NDHooker. (Support VisionRide)
05. Modified performance of being blacked on display mode when the setup of NTSC / PAL is wrong.
06. Modified error Schedule in System menu.
07. Modified error of not being display of server setup on CMS sub-monitor.

 Ver2.2.1 Build No.150
01. Adding Quick Search Function on main server(not able to use search mode simultaneously)
02. Adding Color Setting Pop-up Window on main server
03. Deleting modify buttom from setup schedule setting and improve user convenient.
04. Modify the method of transfering video when camera loss happen while capturing screen
05. Send camera loss status to NDhooker(support VisionRide)
06. Modify problem when the language is changed

 Ver2.2.0 Build No.144
01. NewDVR Included NDHook which has external multi video display (Support VisionRide)
02. Completed compatibilty of senser out between NewDVR and NDHook 
03. Modified the method of operating senser function by user(Using On-Off instead of timeselect)
04. Support XeD TV-Out OSD (Work properly after firmware 07,03,01,00 version)

 Ver2.1.1 Build No.139
01. Add PanTilt Protocol(SPT15RECEIVER)
02. Modified the error back play which can not play previous recorded file.
03. Modified the error can not video play when user move the play bar.
04. Modified the error Apply Screen Division at Start-up in Video Display Option.
05. Add IP Address and Port Number information in Sever set up.
06. Support 0808 NewDIO.

 Ver2.1.0 Build No.136
01. Modified the error of disable state when specific channel usage is disable
02. Improve video display

 Ver2.0.9 Build No.134
01. Video frame control bar error enable/disable is completed in setup mode
02. Modified register same IP address in CMS mode

 Ver2.0.8 Build No.132
01. Modified CMS skin error

 Ver2.0.7 Build No.131
01. Improve log message process
02. Modified error Pelco-D protocol

 Ver2.0.6 Build No.129
01. Completed audio volume error
02. Program running time is reduced

 Ver2.0.5 Build No.126
01. Modified auto switch screen error
02. Modified repartition error in PAL mode
03. Modified SKIN
04. Modified paint image error after exit program

 Ver2.0.4 Build No.122
01. Modified system down when user setting authority tab
02. Modified multi language error
03. GUI error modified at setup program
04. Application motion detection area and setup motion detection area do not match
05. Modified CMS does not shot down, after using PanTilt
06. Modified error, which DIO board can not control the PanTilt
07. Add PanTilt Protocol(VRX-2101 Receiver)

 Ver2.0.3 Build No.115
01. Completed error in audio setup

 Ver2.0.2 Build No.114
01. Fixed a bug that wrong GUI skin loaded
02. Fixed a bug that a cancel button in MD setting did not work
03. CMS can read server DVR version information
04. Advanced the transferring speed with audio in CMS

 Ver2.0.1 Build No.110
01. Tool-bar Supported on full screen in live.
02. Russian Language Added.

 Ver2.0.0 Build No.103
01. Panorama export function is added.
02. Master / Slave sensor supported.

 Ver2.0.0 Build No.100
01. Multi-monitors Support.
02. Single Driver Overwriting Support.
03. Overwriting Video Data per Minute.
04. Bookmark in Search.
05. Panorama Video Display in Live Display and Search.
06. Zoom In/Out in Search.
07. Updated Search Interface.
08. Added Main Display Modes.
09. Color Adjustment for Brightness and Contrast.
10. CMS Management Program.
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